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Mark of the Beast - Update pg 9 - Musk: Merging human minds with computers

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04/21/2017 08:41 AM

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Re: Mark of the Beast - Update pg 9 - Musk: Merging human minds with computers
Another article outlining Musk's vision to merge humans with computers:

Elon Musk Lays Out Plans to Meld Brains and Computers
[link to www.wsj.com (secure)]

Here are some excerpts for the TLDR crowd:
Neuralink’s goals are arguably bolder than Tesla’s plans of mass-market electric vehicles or SpaceX’s ambitions to send humans to Mars. As Mr. Musk describes it, Neuralink wants to develop brain interfaces that would effectively replace human language as we know it.

“There are a bunch of concepts in your head that then your brain has to try to compress into this incredibly low data rate called speech or typing,” Mr. Musk told Mr. Urban in his 36,000-word blog post, which at times reads like a neuroscience textbook. “That’s what language is, your brain has executed a compression algorithm on thought, on concept transfer.

“If you have two brain interfaces, you could actually do an uncompressed direct conceptual communication with another person,” Mr. Musk said. He explained how it would be easier if people could beam a picture into the heads of others instead of trying to describe it with words.
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