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Poster Handle Dufontaine
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The first step to freedom is KNOWLEDGE. (of the enslavement to the system)

Step 2 is grabbing your GOD-Given Rights to freedom and persuit of happiness. (including marijuana).

Any dumbass that has spent time in jail for marijuana doesn't have a lawyer that works to protect his/her constitutional rights.

Most laws are Un-Constitutional and void. (Income Tax in an example).

Best Wishes,
Stan P.
Nazi Amerika...?
or Freedom...?

YOU decide...
 Quoting: Stan P. 78539

Great point Stan P. The only way the system can be corrected is a complete overhaul of it from the ground up. You can't pick and choose what is wrong or right because the entire system from education, to health care, to drug laws, to taxes, all work AGAINST the people and FOR the enslavers, aka Illuminati Overloards (not your individual Congressmen and women)

I am in NO WAY condoning or excusing the conduct of the equally to blame governing body. The administrative, judicial, and executive branches as a whole are corrupted and destructive. But they are controlled through blackmail of their dirty deeds (enticed by the enslavers) and therefore become suppressors of the TRUTHS.

Point of No Return (implosion/meaning) = Forgiveness = Paradigm Shift (resulting from disclosure of TRUTHS) = Evolution of Humanity and ALL that accompanies our new understanding of Life.

alienship band cheers

--This ancient esoteric treatise was transmitted orally for centuries before being recorded on a series of wooden tablets in the eighth century. It is said that Lu Tzu became one of the Eight Immortals using these methods. The ideas have been traced back to Persia and the Zarathustra tradition and its roots in the Egyptian Hermetic tradition.

"Master Lu Tzu said: That which exists through itself is called Meaning. (Tao). Meaning has neither name nor force. It is the one essence, the one primordial spirit. Essence and life cannot be seen."

Our consciousness has reached Global Mass regarding the knowledge of corruption and our need for change. We are experiencing self similar compression and are accelerating as a global unit towards the *point* and finally implosion/meaning/creation...life exists through itself.

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