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I dont want culture, culture makes people weird. go away.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 157194

Unfortunately some will be left behind.


The Hopi have a name for the gravity wind of the compression/acceleration/implosion/creation - it is a worm (DNA spiral) called PESHMEHTEN -
"One Less than TEN (not quite ready for "prime time" full DNA potential)- or THE WAY OF THE NINE".

Hmmmm the Nine sounds familiar...
Nine aspects of the Ego Self, Dante's INFERNO, Jason and the ARgonauts, Journey to the Center of the Earth, the Mayan "Nine Lords of the Night", the Egyptian ENNEAD, Virgil's AENEID, Hopi's PESHMEHTEN, the NINE Tiers of Palenque, DEEP SPACE NINE, and Puharich's THE NINE, and others.

The lies, manipulation and corruption that has taken place over the centuries regarding everything from religion, creation, evolution, government, war, and true intention for humanity...has fragmented our Global Consciousness to the brink of collapse. As a people we don't know up from down, right from left, Jesus from Allah. We have been kept from all TRUTHS that would allow us to function as a healthy unit. If we knew all the TRUTHS that have been hidden from us I guarantee the grand conspirators would be whittled down to a small group. Might not even be *human* who knows?

But for the knowledge to be gained we must take steps in getting it. Going to war with another country does not disclosure bring. Demanding answers has proven unsuccessful as well. So what is left to do? Wait until...what?

We must "Shamanically" reinhabit the long wave body (TIME) to steer it - turn the LIES in our memory to something shareable/ coherent as a wave. We must turn compressed memory into CHARGE - compression into acceleration...

We must "Shamanically Recapitulate" (review) the last few centuries of our genepools' lies - SO - we undertake to get a nice BIRDS EYE VIEW by celebrating the greatest LIES of history. Become like an objective third party watching the movie of Earth and the TRUE progression of creation, life, evolution, religion, nation building, reasons for war, technology, etc. THE TRUTH of it all.

The TRUTHs will polarize the Global Consciousness (getting us all on the same page) and in turn compression will accelerate the shareable knowledge (the ultimate goal of life is to live knowing your experiences are shareable with all of creation).

Our Earth is currently going through part of a Grand Cycle of changing energy involving our Solar System and Galaxy. This is fact not fiction. You can deny it but you can't fight it. If we as a Global Consciousness do not assemble our memories (TRUTHS) into the pure principle of the symmetry > compression > acceleration > implosion, whose charge wave coherence (pure intention) can serve All, in that case unfortunately the necessary compression > acceleration for charge (all our biologic memories which are now horribly fragmented and wrong) WILL generate heat. Remember the Hopi term for Gravity Wind is the worm (DNA) Peshmehten. It is possible this is where the "Hell" allegory originated.

So in order for our Global Consciouness to achieve self similar compression, we must all know the TRUTHs. By forgiving those being blackmailed by the enslavers, they are free to disclose certain TRUTHs; and as the TRUTHs one by one uncoil themselves supreme knowledge will be unveiled upon humanity...right on schedule...allowing compression > accelaration > implosion > creation > new beginnings. ta-duh!

hugs Forgiveness = soapTRUTHS = herethere
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