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If you really want to free her then go to www.teamlaw.org read the "history of our Nation ' and "The Goveners Corner" Links. Call Mr madsen his number is on the WARN newsletter located on the links colum also. Tell him what you are willing to do in your state!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 77407

This is not about changing the law, it's about changing the mind. The time has come for man to grow up. Lose the ego and commit to a higher purpose. We needed TeamLaw in the 40s when the control and planning for a World Enslavement was still based on material control. Material control was demonstrated in the 50s and perfected by the 80s. Your attempts to change the system (law) through the same corrupted system is laughable.

The advances in TPTB's technology in combination with their extensive and well understood esoteric knowledge has afforded them the advantage of now executing a spritual enslavement of the masses at the crux of man's natural cycle of evolution. In other words, our potential for becoming something greater (and thus threatening to them) is being hijacked and suppressed.

There is still a small window of opportunity for the whole of humanity to be the victors...and that is through knowledge being revealed. All the hidden TRUTHs must be exposed in order to put the Global mind in full understanding and our differences at rest.

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