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Poster Handle chiptruth
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flag waver America doesn't have to be the ignorant overweight arrogant no-culture whitetrash bubbas that it has turned into. We can once again become the leaders of humanity, helping to cultivate spiritual freedom by using Love and forgiveness as an example for all the world to see. This turns it around and gives the power of authority back to the people, where it belongs.

Our governing body SHOULD be seeking our forgiveness, but instead they are following the horrible plans of those in charge by being blackmailed into fear of losing their wealth/power.

What is the brilliant alternative?

America needs to lead again. Humanity is evolving, and that is the greatest battle we are facing. We must evolve first and create our own reality. Forgiveness is the only way.
 Quoting: Dufontaine

maybe America needs to become part of a team, that is, a global community -- instead of leading.

but the Luciferian thing you say reminds me both of the Urantia Book -- and also of the so called Hell Fire Club who were in action in the 1700s before the declaration of independence, subsequent war.

i wonder if America needs to lead...isn't that what the current Bush/NWO are saying?

the Illuminati are less of a secret now than they have ever been.

an inspiring contribution...
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