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Message Subject Were the Beatles Mind Controlled Illuminati Agents and Was Paul Replaced in '66?
Poster Handle Consider the Walrus
Post Content
Once upon a time their were 4 guys who had a band. They had a unique background and style that had been developed with many hours of hard work and practice. This produced a signature sound and a music that grew in popularity in the Kingdom and eventually worldwide as they transitioned from copying and covering the hot sounds and songs of the 1950's to performing songs that were co-written by two of the band members. That is a very short synopsis of their teenage years together.

As the 1960's dawned they were now not teenagers, but young men. They believed that to continue their popularity they had to appeal not to their peers, but to the teenagers of the 1960s. So the two- they wrote songs that appealed to the 1960s teenage psyche and angst although they were now adult men. To reinforce this message they even altered there birth years on record to seem to be younger men. This was done to further encourage the idol worship from 1960s teenagers, especially females.

As their popularity grew, it was decided by powerful persons in the government of the land in which they lived that this phenomenon was a once in a decades event that they must promote. For this to happen, they would need help. It was believed that this phenomenon, in and of itself, would have eventually began to wither on the vine, so to speak, without constant promotion. Any cooling off of this rare phenomenon had to be prevented at all costs.. A decision was made at the very highest levels of power to recruit and promote these 'boys'. An all out propaganda campaign was begun. This was done for monetary reasons. Their record sales and performances were adding a great deal of money to the KINGDOM'S treasury. It was also adding a great deal of money to the boys pockets. More importantly, this money came from lands outside of the Kingdom where the boys toured and sang and sold their recordings. They were the most valuable export in the history of modern commerce. Nothing could be left to chance.

To say this campaign succeeded beyond their wildest dreams is an understatement. But with success came great danger. Kidnapping and extortion were some of the dangers for which this plan had to prepare; And, in the event it did happen, for the money to continue flowing, the show had to continue.

It was decided that 'doppelgangers', i.e., doubles would be used to counter these threats. The plan was executed in the following way. The original band would tour and perform only in the Kingdom where protection was available and could be provided. Security became more important than the music, freedom, or anything else you could name. The doubles would tour and appear outside the Kingdom. This was feasible because the crowds at the concerts were so loud, the doubles, with some training, could perform well enough to pass as the original 'boys'. The Fab four became the Fab eight.

Then tragedy struck. One of the originals was killed in an automobile accident in the Kingdom. What to do? To further complicate matters, the doubles were on tour when this happened. To acknowledge that the four were now three would have led to a severe and shocked public reaction. It would have meant admitting that the band on tour was a facade, a sham. The entire plan was in danger of being exposed. Brilliantly conceived, the plan was now unraveling. The legal and monetary consequences would have been devastating to the Kingdom; and the public relations nightmare and heartbreak of the idol worshippers would have been beyond compare. How to save the sinking ship was the question.

It was decided that all touring outside the Kingdom by the band would cease; And, more importantly, the double would assume the role of the original band member who had perished. Since the original band members had entered knowingly into this arrangement, they felt compelled to go along with this plan. The Timeline is now at the end of the 1960s decade. This is where the contractual obligations of the original band members ended and by mutual agreement it was decided to act on and act out a very public break up of the band. This had been decided upon years before as the only possible solution to this tangled web that had been woven.

This story ends here for now. As to whom is living and to whom is deceased those are questions that are buried very deep in the fabric and fabrication of the background story. Maybe a pre-quel and a post-quel will be forthcoming; Perhaps not. But, you may be surprised by what you learn. Or you may prefer not to know? Fact or fiction? Take what you know and work backwards. Only you can judge whether the fabric fits well. Many details have been omitted to protect the living and the dead.
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