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Message Subject Were the Beatles Mind Controlled Illuminati Agents and Was Paul Replaced in '66?
Poster Handle rosswave
Post Content
the beatles themselves thought the Beach Boys were superior, but who is to say.

i did hear a beatles song recently and heard it in a different way.

it wasn't so much genius as it was capability to exploit the opportunity to the max and SWAGGER, ego, partly fueled by speed,and then later every other drug. It was a vibe that they embodied and they embodied it very well but the music sounds crass to me now.

The Beatles were not technically superior in terms of their playing or harmonizing. The genius behind the Beatles sound was George Martin and his wizardry at the soundboard.

BTW, the Beach Boys had their own acid/occult thing going on, Dennis Wilson and the Manson Family for instance, but that's another story.
 Quoting: ObeyTheOctopus

Ha, funny I just posted something similar about George Martin . . . yeah, the Wilson/Manson thing was pretty strange and then the White album from the Beatles that Manson used . . . lots of convolution . . . who are the ultimate puppeteers?
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