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Message Subject Were the Beatles Mind Controlled Illuminati Agents and Was Paul Replaced in '66?
Poster Handle ObeyTheOctopus
Post Content
i don't mean the illegal drugs, i mean the legal ones of today, the acceptance of medicating oneself was what was ushered in under the beatles coattails, the all emcompassing paradigm that the pharmaceuticals companies have engineered over the past 40 years. it is a total world view and they used the beatles a lot, and yes the beatles burned out on it and tried to find some spiritual ground, who can blame them?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 150777

Yes, "used" is a good for it. They were used by many people for many different reasons. Some people used them for spiritual basis, Leary used them for political gain, Manson used them as a reason for Helter Skelter, the monarchy used them, the corporate world used them, radio and the music industry used them etc etc. Whether the Beatles were "agents" for these things or not, they were trend setters for whatever was happening at the time. From the leather clad, biker cool rebelliousness of the early days to the inward-looking acid-dropping hippie culture of the late 60's, they were on the cutting edge of culture, for sure.

I know people who are Beatles fans that only listen to the early albums and others that listen to Sgt. Pepper and beyond exclusively. I don't believe the band deserves the blame for what has happened to culture, it's more of a virus that they and us are a part of and perpetuating everyday.

As for the pharmaceutical industry, I'm sure somewhere there's a pill out there they're using a Beatles song to sell.

"Getting Better" perhaps?
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