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Message Subject Were the Beatles Mind Controlled Illuminati Agents and Was Paul Replaced in '66?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
3) John was killed because he was becoming a revolutionary and impacting society.

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 157833

Lennon was killed because he stopped promoting atheistic communism and was turning his life over to Jesus Christ

so the coven sent one of their "lone nut" killers to wipe Lennon out

chapman was worshipping satan before he shot Lennon
( weird that is isnt it ?)

if you are a fan of beatles music or most chart music,you are a fan of mind control,the beatles were put in place to promote free love,mini skirts,drugs,attack the family unit and most of all destroy christianity, Lennon openly admitted this,when Lennon refused to serve the occult any more,that was when the Coven sent their "lone nut" killer chapman

The antichristians on this site serve satan,the protocols of the learned elders of Zion say Jesus christ is the NWOs greatest enemy,take it or leave it,if you disagree with this post you are an enemy of Truth and a viper of satan


The people posting on this thread People were wiser back then 100% correct,people sure were wiser in the 50s/60s,rather than this sick,sick,society of 2008 that worships perverts like Marilyn Manson,the beatles were mild compared to the filth that kids listen to these days

The way things are going people will be having sex with cats and dogs in the street,it all started with the beatles

Lennon said

"i sold my soul for this"
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