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Message Subject Were the Beatles Mind Controlled Illuminati Agents and Was Paul Replaced in '66?
Poster Handle JoJo
Post Content
Also heard the rumor that Theo Adorno (use google) wrote the Beatles' songs. He was a master at using complicated chord patterns whereas if you listen to the Beatles' original recordings, they are playing three chords as in songs like Chuck Berry's 'Johnny B. Goode' and the like.

If you read Preston Nichol's book "Music of Time" you will get a very interesting perspective on the early '60s recording engineers' careers of bringing the sound we became addicted to - along with subliminal experiments which were apparently successful because a lot of the songs went on to become Number 1 hits - and we still can't get the words out of our heads.

Everytime I turn on the radio, on any chosen day, I hear the Beatles in one form or another.

The Beatles did not have the musicial training to compose such masterful hits that they eventually went on to record. Again, my belief is that their songs were written by Adorno and others.

I am a musician and have a family band that plays classic rock and classic country - that is my background. We play the Beatles songs alot - they are timeless. Getting my son to play Paul's bass lines took a lot of time and effort; it is NOT as simple as a 3 or 4 chord song as in country music.

But yes, I do believe the Beatles, the Stones, the Beach Boys et al were deliberately promoted to world-class status as to indeed promote drug use and sexual promiscuity. Though I personally did not do the drugs, I'm paying, to this day, for the other. It's the gift that keeps on giving (or taking).

Parents were confused - they did not understand what was happening to their kids. It's called culture creation and it was done to perfection. I have no doubt the '60s were instigated by the CIA and others I cannot mention because I will be banned off this site.

You will find that the Roaring '20s was also a culture creation - 40 years later (right on schedule) the '60s came about. Nothing happens by chance - nothing.
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