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apocalyptic dreams on the rise?

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United States
11/27/2006 01:40 PM
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apocalyptic dreams on the rise?
For once, it's cloudy today. And warm. I really didn't need the jacket I grabbed on the way out. It's really nice outside, wish I could've slept in, but then I was kinda glad to wake up from the dreams I had.

I don't know how it started off. I was in band class, brought my brand new clarinet to try it out in Mayfield's class. I set it on my chair and walked away to grab a drink from the fountain. Everyone was playing when I came back, but my horn was gone. I looked everywhere, it's not hard to find, black case with a shoulderstrap. I searched everywhere, in the rooms I went in, came back and Michael pointed to a horn and said it was mine. The lettering was faded, the words "Artley" were almost indistinguishable. No, this isn't mine, my horn's a Yamaha. I got up and looked again, but somehow I had the strangest feeling something bad was about to happen.

I turned my head, and found myself with my mom and brother sitting in the garage of our old house, with the garage door open. They went inside and I stepped out onto the driveway. The sky was dark, the air felt thick with a bad omen to come. It was almost suffocating. I looked up, peering at several crescent shaped bodies (planetary bodies) near our own moon. One of them was the moon, the others... I didn't know they could be that large, but then saw two other bodies, blood red and 1000x larger than the smaller ones. Those didn't just appear out of nowhere... or perhaps they did! I ran inside to grab the family to look at what I saw. The largest shape sped across the sky, not without changing it's appearance, kind of looked like that Death Star on Star Wars. I knew it was a ship. As it passed our planet, I felt something shift, not the ground, more like my equilibrium was thrown off slightly when the ship came close enough to disrupt earth's gravity. It was a wierd feeling.

Then I heard screams. Aliens, small and grotesque as they were, teleport or materialized in front of us. They had strength that were not proportionate to their size, so they can force a steel-barred door open effortlessly. Homes were raided, people were fleeing in every direction. Some were captured and tortured, some things were unspeakable (I don't know what they were but that's the impression that I got). The safest place, we felt, was in an underground shelter. We ran to a nearby school that had a tornado shelter. Again, no good, those doors were forced open. Not only were the doors obvious, but they had the ability to sense heat like a snake. I ran again. And then I turned into a Valkyrie (I play a game called "Valkyrie Profile". A Valkyrie is a God). I had the power to save a few around me, erecting invisible barriers, channel light energy to repel and vanquish these... things... I was glowing. The more I used my powers, the stronger I became, the comfortable I was using them, the more confidence I began to feel... but I didn't know what I was doing, only that they needed to be dispelled.

Then I woke up.

Okay, I'm no God or what, but earlier on, someone here said I could be a vanguard. Not sure what that means, but this dream could almost fit that role. Sorry to bore ya'll, but I've been having these sci-fi-like dreams for the last 4 yrs and it's leaving me to wonder if something big is about to happen.