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Explain to me the contradiction in the "miracle of life"

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 159941
United States
11/30/2006 03:21 PM
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Explain to me the contradiction in the "miracle of life"
That term "miracle of life" it is full of contradiction and i have NEVER heard anyone give a good explanation as to why it exist. But here it goes :

A child being born is a beautiful and miraculous experience many can agree upon that. But the conception of the child is full of shame, hypocrisy, lies, guilt, mocking, false modesty. Why ?

Why is it when the child is born it can get so close to receiving unconditional love but as the child grows older that unconditional love grows VERY conditional until the person is lucky to have any love at all ?

Why is it we can hear about people getting blown apart in the world and a large percentage of people (who are not getting blown apart) barely give the carnage a mild hoooo hummm yawn but when they hear about a celebrity being a little too immodest it gets their ire up ? Why ?