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Subject Attention UFOlogists: New FUJI Camera may capture UFOs (infrared)
Poster Handle Dufontaine
Post Content
Fujifilm's FinePix S3 Pro UVIR is a modified version of a digital SLR and takes photos in both the infrared and ultra violet spectra. Originally developed for forensic science and investigation, the camera is quickly capturing (pun intended) the attention of UFO hunters, also known as UFOlogists.

Shooting in IR and UV used to be a trial and error process often taking technicians days or weeks to cycle through lens filters and to develop film. By removing a sensor filter that maintains color accuracy in its existing FinePix S3 Pro camera, Fujifilm has created a variant that takes IR and UV photos, allowing technicians to find the right wavelegnth and exposure within minutes. Fujifilm expects the camera to retail for $1,800.00 which is a small price to pay for that perfect shot of the sought after crafts that supposedly fill our skies.

alien03 "Say Cheeeeeese"
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