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Message Subject Attention UFOlogists: New FUJI Camera may capture UFOs (infrared)
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The most convincing way of capturing UFOs on camera is to bind together an ordinary camera and an infra-red camera and record simultaneously in both. If you capture images in the infra-red camera which are not visible in the other one, then that is a REAL ANOMALOUS IMAGE. It's already happened. I has seen split-screen views of a UFO what was invisible to the eye and to the ordinary camera but which appeared as a bright image in the infra-red video. Incredible! It's very impressive, but obviously best done when the UFO has been already spotted with the eye and filmed with both camera in the hope that it suddenly becomes invisible to ordinary light, as they do sometimes. Investment in two cameras could pay off with scientifically unexplainable images that are extremely difficult to fake even by a professional image-editor.
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