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12/05/2006 09:21 AM
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[link to www.mayanmajix.com]


by John Hogue

(21 October 2006)

I live on an island in the Puget Sound region of the Pacific Northwest, a short drive, skip and a jump on a ferry ride from Seattle. My home is near enough to a US Navy Air Station to sometimes catch the drifting din of what is euphemistically described around these parts as the sound of "freee-dumb." When the wind is right, one hears a symphony of thunders belched from the afterburners of warplanes practicing their martial arts. If you live long enough around here, you acquire a discerning ear for aerial military moods. You look up from your chores, or your gardening and can distinguish between "peace is our profession" professing thunders and the sound of coming war.

At present, near the air station, the presaging sound of war is silence.

The days of thunder and jets filling the sky suddenly vanished, just like they did before Operation Iraqi Freedom in early 2003. The "thrum" beat of growling US Navy Prowlers--the vaunted anti-radar jamming jets--echoed frequently in the late and paling summer sky attended occasionally by the prop-stick beat of naval helicopters and the deep basso profundo "aum" of B52s better heard than unseen at 40,000 feet. At the beginning of autumn northern winds carried a relentless crescendo down the Saratoga Straits of Prowlers practicing takeoffs and landings for many hours on end, day and night.

Then there was the silence.

The gray eagles with bomb racked arrowhead wings no longer traced their white mist lines across the invisible plane of sky in thunder-show. They are on an infernal migration to their new roosts in distant desert bases, desert Indian Ocean islands, and floating US carrier rookeries now approaching desert straddled seas. Some of them are with the nuclear carrier fleets of the Enterprise and Eisenhower Carrier Strike Groups bearing down on the Arabian Sea and the Persian Gulf. They have joined most of the US Navy's mine sweepers heading for station at the Strait of Hormuz. Two nuclear aircraft carriers, bristling with cruise missiles and a full array of air combat wings (including my missing brood of Prowlers) have converged upon the coast of Iran along with other armadas of attendant Aegis cruisers, battle cruisers, destroyers, missile frigates, fast support ships, and docking vessels. Nearby on station are the helicopter carriers, attending vessels and 8,000 sailors and Marin! es of Expeditionary Strike Group 5 from San Diego. There are also US attack submarines tagging along.

I wonder what need there would be for submarines if these belonged, as we are told by official Pentagon sources, to a redeployment of fresh units to guard and sustain US occupying forces of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Iraq has no subs. Iran does. Five Kilo Class Russian built attack submarines, I believe.

There is also a convergence of naval armadas of the US and NATO in the Eastern Mediterranean of such array of force gathered off the coast of Lebanon that seems puzzling if they are there under UN mandate to keep the peace after the recent Israeli-Lebanese War. Why is a NATO battle fleet needed when a few dozen Israeli patrol boats off the coast of Lebanon were enough naval presence to board and confiscate the random ship smuggling weapons to Hezbullah during the war? Perhaps this far more potent force is an over-killing pretense to overtly kill someone else--and soon.

Nostradamus may have the answer who, if we read rightly his cryptic quatrains written in the 16th century that use astrological aspects to predict when the West would plan a war against the radical nations of the Middle East.

In Century (Volume) 9 of Quatrain 55, he says:

L'horrible guerre qu'en l'Occident s'appreste
L'an ensuiuant viendra la pestilence,
Si fort horribles que ieune, vieulx, ne beste,
Sang, feu, Mercure, Mars, Iupiter en France.

A horrible war which is being prepared in the West
The following year the pestilence will come,
So very horrible that young nor old, nor animal (may survive):
Blood, fire Mercury Mars Jupiter in France

Nostradamus displays a prescient chauvinism, or presaged empathy, for the future of his country. Follow the inference of his Gallo-centric journey through the future and perhaps we will find the shared destiny of other nations when the planets Mercury, Mars and Jupiter are "in" or their implied astrological influence comes "to" decide the fate of France. The dark words of the prophecy connote the negative astrological potentials of the three planets. One could say this is a warning from Nostradamus that Mercury (insanity), Mars (war) and Jupiter (self-righteous intolerance) will come "to" the French and other US and NATO naval ships because they sail for an ill conceived adventure along the shores of the Middle East.

It will lead France and its allies to "blood" shed and "fire" of war at a particular confluence of Mercury, Mars and Jupiter either in a direct conjunction or when these planets gather in one astrological sign. These planets do cluster in the sky every four to five years though a direct conjunction is rare.

Nostradamus may have had difficulty tagging his vision of a future war prepared by the West on the right clustering of Mercury, Mars and Jupiter. Back on page 728 of "Nostradamus: The Complete Prophecies" (published in 1997), I used the assistance of astrologer Dan Oldenburg to warn my readers that 23 February 1998 might be the date forewarned for the next great war in the Middle East. The reason being that Mercury and Jupiter conjoined the Sun at five degrees Pisces with Mars at 23 degrees Pisces. The conjunction had extra malefic strength because Pluto at eight degrees Sagittarius squared it. As it turned out, exactly on that day, the Secretary General of the UN, Kolfi Annan, had met Iraqi Dictator Saddam Hussein in an emergency meeting in Baghdad, to forestall a war with America over a UN weapons inspection crisis. War was averted, not prepared, by the West. Saddam allowed UN inspectors to resume their work in Iraq until they were again thrown out of the country later in ! the autumn of 1998. War, as the prophecy implied, did not start in the following year but earlier. President Clinton at the end of 1998 launched US cruise missiles in a punitive aerial bombardment of Iraq. From then on, a low intensity air war raged daily over Iraqi airspace until a US-Coalition invasion occupied Iraq and overthrew Saddam Hussein's regime in March 2003. The 1998 convergence of planets provided an interesting set of coincidences but I believed then as now that Nostradamus must have intended something bigger.

It just so happens that secret American plans to invade Iraq were in their culminating stages during the next confluence of Mercury, Mars and Jupiter in July of 2002. This time the grouping came a little closer to fitting the dire warning of Nostradamus' prophecy. In July 2002, the West (that is, the US and its many Western coalition allies, including England, Italy and Spain) prepared for the invasion and occupation of Iraq "in the following year." After enjoying an initial swift and rather bloodless invasion, the US and its allies have since suffered a grinding occupation that has indeed turned into an arguably "horrible war." Three and a half years later, Western coalition forces have lost over 3,000 dead and over 20,000 wounded. The Iraqi civilian death toll is anywhere from as low as 40,000 to as high as 663,000! A ruthless "horrible" civil war between Muslim Shia and Sunnis slaughters over 100 people a day and displaces 9,000 people a week, so says UN humanitarian offi! cials. The US supported Iraqi national government seems poised for collapse in a few months. The country is about to break up spreading sectarian violence into a region wide Islamic civil war with Western forces caught in the crossfire.

Bad as this sounds, real events on the ground have not yet matched the particularly gruesome tone of Nostradamus' prophecy in C9 Q55. A pestilence has not yet come. The use of something like chemical, biological or radiological weapons of mass destruction have not yet happened threatening the survival in the war zone of all young, old, human and animal life. Nostradamus used particular phrases as links to other prophecies that reveal more clues to his visions. Out of over 36,000 words of prophecy, he has only clearly used the term matching mass human and animal destruction twice--in line three of Century 9, Quatrain 55:

...So very horrible that young nor old, nor animal (may survive)...

And in the first two lines of one of his most notorious prophecies, Century 2 Quatrain 62, about a Third Antichrist who starts a third world war, code named "Mabus":

Mabus will soon die, then will come a horrible undoing (destruction) of people and animals...

If these prophecies are connected then we must uncover other convergences of Mercury, Mars and Jupiter in our near future if we are to accurately frame in future time the full extent of the horrible war foreseen by Nostradamus. It is a war planned by the West, for the following year. It extinguishes vast numbers of people and animals with pestilent weapons of mass destruction. Every time the world is under a sky cluster of these planets in recent years, events point ever more powerfully to the Middle East as the place targeted by the West for this horrible war.

After 2002, a rare exact conjunction of the three planets took place in Libra on 30 September 2004. It definitely marks the time when the Bush administration and the military planers of the Pentagon were actively committed to preparing scenarios for a wider war in the Middle East beyond Iraq--one that might include air strikes on Iran using weapons of mass destruction. In May 2004, the US White House issued a secret National Security Presidential Directive (NSPD) 35. It worked out the logistics for deploying tactical nuclear weapons in the Middle East region pursuant to acting on what the Washington Post revealed was a US strategic Command contingency plan called CONPLAN 8022-02. They drew up this plan in early 2004. It allows for preemptive attacks on "imminent" threats from rogue countries such as North Korea and Iran. The planning for the naval buildup happening right now, and the oncoming air strikes were in full swing when Mercury, Mars and Jupiter conjoined in skies ov! er the Pentagon in early October 2004! It is not known if the US president, his advisers or the CONPLAN initiators have considered the impact using tactical nuclear weapons might have on millions of civilians downwind from the fallout if Iranian reactors are laid open to vomit their radiation. If US bombers do use some form of atomic weaponry to dig out and expose deep targets, the resulting clouds of radioactive dust hurled into the sky might cover large tracks of Iran, Central and Southern Asia with doses of radiation lethal to man and beast. Putting it in another way, are they at all concerned with the cost in innocent lives? Did Nostradamus foresee the results of their callous planning as the "terrible undoing of people and animals" [2 Q62]; "a pestilence so horrible that neither young nor old or animal" survives [9 Q55]?

The summer and autumn seasons of 2004 witnessed many Israeli officials paying an inordinate number of visits to the White House, chief among them the Israeli Prime Minister of the time, Ariel Sharon. News outlets began questioning the motives behind these meetings. They certainly did not advance Israeli-Palestinian peace talks. Details were already out by late September 2004 about a US-Israeli spy scandal, involving retired Air Force Col. Larry Franklin. Apparently, US neocons and Israeli officials were planning the overthrow of the Ayatollahs in Iran. It involved US military aid and improper shipments of bunker busting heavy bombs for an Israeli air strike. (Google Steve Weissman's article: "How Soon Will the U. S. or Israel Bomb Iran?").

In the wake of this exact conjunction of Mercury, Mars and Jupiter rumors and evidence mounted that some major scheme was afoot for war with Iran. A now well advanced US plan existed as the subject of intense diplomatic activity between the US and Israel. Michel Chossudovsky (GlobalResearch.ca) reported in 3 January 2006 the following: "Since late 2004, Israel has been stockpiling US made conventional and nuclear weapons systems in anticipation of an attack on Iran. This stockpiling which is financed by US military aid was largely completed in June 2005." He went on to claim that Israel had received delivery from the Pentagon of several thousand "smart air launched weapons." These include 500 "bunker-buster" bombs with a capability to deliver tactical nuclear warheads.

Great activity related to the West's plans for war were abuzz in the secret rendezvous of high level US envoys to the Prime Minister of Turkey. According to unnamed "Western security sources" the German news agency DDP claims that back in December 2005 CIA Director Porter Goss asked Turkey's Prime Minister Ergogan to provide political, secret service and logistic support for air strikes against Iranian nuclear and military targets. The German magazine, Der Spiegel, reported that Ergogan also received high-level visits about the same issue from FBI Director Robert Mueller. He shared intelligence data that could aid a Turkish military incursion into Northwestern Iran to attack Kurdish guerrilla bases of the PKK, when the war started. Even Condoleeza Rice, the US Secretary of State, met with Ergogan to add the political weight of the US president behind these discussions. The DDP report also adds that Arab governments friendly to the United States, such as Saudi Arabia, Jordan,! Oman and Pakistan, have also been generally apprised of contingency plans for major air strikes on Iran.

US commando groups assisted by non-Persian ethnic insurgents have regularly infiltrated and probed the Iranian countryside, marking potential targets, so says a January 2005 report in the New Yorker by US investigative journalist Seymour Hersh.

The first reports about US negotiations with Iranian insurgent groups go back as far as Februrary 2005. Then Newsweek disclosed that the Bush Administration "is seeking to cull useful members of MEK (the Mujaheddin-e Khalq) as operatives for use against Tehran." It reveals that a US president, an avowed champion against all terrorists organizations, was planning a proxy guerrilla war with the Iranian government using MEK--which is on the State Department's list of terrorist groups.

Rumors of war went mainstream in the US when Seymour Hersh wrote a new article for the 4/17/06 issue of the New Yorker, entitled, "THE IRAN PLANS: Would President Bush go to war to stop Tehran from getting the bomb?" The Bush Administration publicly denies all Hersh exposed, including an ongoing special forces campaign to collect intelligence on Iranian defense capabilities since early 2005, including regular fights of "Predator" spy planes over Iranian airspace. Hersh claims the commandos and their flowers are pinpointing the location of hidden Iranian weapons facilities, terrorist training camps, and mapping out Iranian missile and military infrastructure for one awesome and sustained air attack lasting several weeks. Hersh believes the plan aims to identify and destroy more than three-dozen hidden Iranian weapon facilities with coordinated air and short-term commando raids if there is a war.

One of the easiest trails to track war plans by is through obtaining a copy of a notice required by U.S. law for government-to-government military sales. The Pentagon by law must notify US Congress of any sale of weapons to a foreign client. Congress has 30 days to study, approve, amend or reject any order. So far Congress has regularly allowed purchases of guided bunker-bustng bombs by the Israeli Air Force to pass for shipment without comment. One order included some of the US arsenal's most sophisticated weaponry, such as 100 GBU-28 guided bunker-buster missiles requested for sale by Israel from Lockheed Martin Corp, costing as much as $30 million US dollars.

A number of news reports have theorized that Israel used some of these warheads in the summer of 2006 to test their effectiveness on Hezbullah bunkers in Southern Lebanon. Iranian Revolutionary Guards had instructed Hezbullah in the art of underground bunker construction used to harden Iran's own underground military installations. Since the war, Israel continues to receive and stockpile hundreds of orders of these bombs. Chossudovsky's claim that some of these heavier bomb types can carry a tactical nuke may be rattling the doomsday saber a little too loudly. Still, one must consider that the Bush Administration has openly considered the tactical nuclear option in their strategic policy of waging preemptive warfare on rogue nations. They have even gone one further. Nukes could be used on radical regimes even if they are only thinking of making atomic bombs.

It may be only a threat. Certainly Bush's father, President George Herbert Walker Bush, used the same unveiled threat against Iraqi dictator, Saddam Hussein, during the military buildup for the last Gulf War. Saddam believed Bush senior's bluff. He did not use a single warhead in his then prodigious array of chemical and biological weapons during Operation Desert Storm in early 1991.

Israel lives under a direct and public threat of annihilation from Iran. The new Iranian President is Mahmoud Ahmadinejad--the puppet spokesman for the true leaders of Iran, a council of radical Ayatollahs cut in the black cloth of Ayatollah Khomeini. He said with their blessing that Israel should be "wiped off the face of the earth." Even Adolf Hitler in his harshest international threats before the Second World War never had the temerity to threaten another state's extermination. In other bombasts Ahmadinejad promised that any US attack on Iran would immediately see regional ballistic Shahab missiles raining down on Israel.

Clearly both sides are making contingency plans for a war as "horrible" as Nostradamus foresaw. It still remains to be seen if such a conflict will witness its combatants slide down a slippery blood soaked slope into nuclear, chemical and biological weapons exchanges. The Iranian missile agents can spray and gas the length and breadth of little Israel with nerve gasses, anthrax spores, mustard gas and other vile aerosols. Israel in turn may arm some of their US imported bunker buster bombs with some of their homemade nukes. Israel possesses a nuclear arsenal numbering from 200 to 600 warheads! It remains to be seen who will wipe "who" off the map in the coming war.

Let us refresh our memory of Nostradamus' prophecy in 9 Q55:

A horrible war which is being prepared in the West
The following year the pestilence will come,
So very horrible that young nor old, nor animal (may survive):
Blood, fire Mercury Mars Jupiter in France

A large scale war is waiting on the threshold of our times--one greater than any seen since the Second World War. The superpower of the West, the USA, ever since 2004, increases high level secret meetings with the West's staunchest allies in the Middle East. Israel receives the largest orders of US hi-tech weaponry ever shipped to a foreign country while Turkey negotiates surrendering its airspace to aid in a potential Pearl Harbor-style surprise air strike out of Iran's Northwest frontiers. NATO naval assets gather in the Eastern Mediterranean. A sizable US armada with two nuclear carrier strike forces, as I write this, today on 21 October, is now on station in the Persian Gulf and Arabian sea. They are ready to launch a wave of air strikes off the Iranian coast. The warriors are poised to destroy all young, old and animal life across the Middle East in a horrible undoing of man-made plagues. And yet, they can roll up and put away their contingency plans for explosions of r! adiation, disease and the dreadful descent of chemical rains. They could lock away their end-time plans, but will they? Do they even want to? Are they still commanded by a leadership fixated by rosy best case scenarios, just like when they planned the invasion and occupation of Iraq?

Nostradamus, ever the astrologer-prophet, may have yet another answer hiding in yet another planetary convergence of Mercury, Mars and Jupiter, happening this coming week! On 24 October, just three days ahead of the day I am writing this article (21 October), Mars will enter Scorpio and join Mercury and Jupiter which are both in an exact conjunction. The three planets will dwell together for a time until Mars enters Sagittarius on 25 November 2006. On Monday (23 October) they are joined by the Sun and Venus in Scorpio. Jupiter will square Saturn in Leo. This magnification of heavenly signs makes this convergence mentioned in Nostradamus' prophecy the most potent potential yet. In past times it forewarned the end of regimes, the assassination of leaders--which leaders may fall in this coming war is yet unclear. The West's war plans conjured since 2004 have assets ready on station. What will the Western leaders decide next week? What then comes early in the following year may ! be what Nostradamus warned. Be prepared to see the world as you have known it changed.

My prediction today is this: The forces of the West will not go to war before the outcome of the November US midterm elections is clear. If the Bush administration's Republican Party narrowly retains both the Senate and House of Representatives--by valid vote or computer ballot fraud, as some afterwards will surely claim--then war with Iran will be postponed, perhaps as late as May or June of next year. That is the third and last time in the near future that Mars and Saturn will be "equally fiery"--another astrological clue Nostradamus gave for times of war in the Middle East (See "Under Skies Portending War" www.hogueprophecy.com/archiv53.htm). At that time, Mars will enter the fire sign of Aries (ruled in astrology by the god of war) on 16 May 2007. Mars will spend the latter days of June trined (harmoniously inclined) with Saturn in Leo. In layman's terms that means a time harmonious for w! ar.

If, on the other hand, the November midterm election result puts the opposition party Democrats in power in both the House of Representatives and the Senate as I predicted back on 31 December 2005 (See: www.hogueprophecy.com/archiv49.htm), war will come much sooner to Iran.

Even if my prediction misses a Democratic Party takeover of the Senate by a few seats, the Bush administration will have little less than three months remaining of complete power over the Congress to expedite their plans for war in the Middle East. In late January a new Congress will convene. The House of Representatives, if under a Democrat majority, will do its partisan best to curb the war powers of this president. They will even place motions on the floor for his impeachment in 2007.

I do not think congressional authority concerns this president. He listens to a "higher" authority. President Bush told the world on the CBS "60 Minutes" TV program, back in 2004, that God talks to him..

I believe Bush's subconscious mind plays god and talks to him, at least.

I wonder what this "God" is telling him?

He has an Axis of Evil to destroy. Time is running out. Iraq as a dictatorship and a country is dead, but Iran and North Korea remain defiant and unpunished. Perhaps God is telling him to enlarge the "central front" of terrorism to contain Iran, Syria, Lebanon, the Gulf States of Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, shipping in the Persian Gulf, blockades in the Strait of Hormuz, proxy wars between Turks and Kurds in northwestern Iran, a resumption of the Israeli-Lebanese war and so on. History has shown that the bigger the conflict, the deeper the military involvement and crisis, the harder it might be to question a leader under times of national emergency--even an emergency he caused through incompetence. Americans might suspend their intelligence and rally around the office of the President because of unexpected and disastrous surprises stemming from a new campaign in Iran: a new world war.

They might act like Germans citizens did during the last world war.. One cannot say Hitler's people loved him for the disastrous prosecution of his war but when called to rally around him after Germany's worst defeat so far in Russia, at Stalingrad, in early 1943, they did so, willingly. They had to for their survival. Hitler's folly in Russia had unleashed a Bolshevik counteroffensive that threatened to destroy German civilization.

An attack on Iran could be Bush's Stalingrad--a turning point in his war on terror. If after he struck Iran the Middle East exploded in flames, and the flow of oil that sustains the American and Western ways of life was cut off, the American people would--indeed they must--rally behind their leader, inept as he has been, and redouble their military efforts in the Middle East. They will do this not for his sake, but for the survival of their oil dependent way of life.

Hitler, like Bush used to say God spoke to him too. I wonder if it was the same God--the God of unmitigated military disasters, in a hurry to repeat historic blunders of the past as blunders in our near future?

If Bush has run out of time and political power because the election undermines his control of the Congress, then expect those ships on station off the shores of Iran to launch their surprise, super-Pearl Harbor style, air strike sometime around the anniversary of the last Pearl Harbor, 7 December 2006. That is when Mars enters Sagittarius and again Mars with Saturn in Leo are "equally fiery" for a Middle Eastern War. The first pass, back in June-July of 2006 heralded the most recent Israeli-Lebanese war, pitting Zion's soldiers against Iran's proxies--Hezbullah.

In the following new year, Mars will be trined (harmoniously predisposed) with Saturn in fires of war around the second week of January 2007. That is just a few weeks before the President will lose his rubber stamp Congress, replaced by one dominated by a hostile, anti-war, vengeful Democratic Party.

There has never been a midterm election in US history that bears more influence on the Western world's fate.


Please send your comments to:

Thanks for reading my newsletter and sharing your views.

CORRECTIONS: in my last Bulletin "October Surprise" I had the al-Qaeda bombing of London's subways posted on the wrong date. It was not 7/11, but 7/7/05.

John Hogue
Rogue Scholar/Author:

Nostradamus: A Life and Myth

Nostradamus: The New Millennium

Nostradamus: The Complete Prophecies

The Last Pope: The Decline and Fall of the Church of Rome

Messiahs, The Visions and Prophecies for the Second Coming

Essential Nostradamus: Prophecies for the 21st Century and Beyond

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12/05/2006 08:40 PM

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The poster is right about the Germans supporting Hitler after Stalingrad because of the impending cataclysm on the Eastern Front.
Even after the July 1944 assination attempt on Hitler's life by his own generals, troops on the front wrote letters home universally condemning the assasins, because it was believed that Germans had to rally together around their leadership during such a time as the Bagration Offensive in the East, when 600,000+ German combat soldiers went into Stalins prisoner of war pens-the greatest defeat of the Germans during the course of the war.

Would Americans rally in the face of certain destruction, or would we give up so as to retain a ghost of our quality if life? I think we would make terms, after replacing the government any way the American people could do it, constitutionally or otherwise.

Who would the people settle on for a new leader during a failing great war?

User ID: 162028
United States
12/05/2006 08:58 PM
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nostradamus wrote _no_ quatrains about the u.s., or iraq.
so many conflicting conspiracy theories, so little evidence of any.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 166125
United States
12/05/2006 09:13 PM
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