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Message Subject The death of Bruce and Brandon Lee...Illuminati Conspiracy?
Poster Handle Foreveragain
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Hi, new and this is my first post to GP. In response to AC's comments about the real-life ability of Bruce Lee, I'm a bit confused. Are there two ACs? One says Lee wasn't real, and (another?) writes about Lee easily beating Chuck Norris in a friendly match.

It's fairly quick and simple to get an idea of Lee's real ability. Check out James DeMile -- video interviews, his website. He says to this day that 'Bruce is the best in the world' .... he and the other Seattle early students were mostly big, experienced fighters and they all tried to take Lee's head off. They said that 'Bruce could have taken us all at the same time.' Who else engenders that kind of awe? He didn't back down from the Triads, or whoever. Check out Bruce Thomas' book where Lee embarasses two of Tony Bennett's bodyguards in under five seconds -- one by smashing a closed hotel door into him (the entire door ripped from his frame). One of his 'sports' was to place his hand on a butcher block and tell the movie set cooks to chop down with their cleavers (Enter the Dragon set). In HK he had built a razor sharp/electric shock device -- one miss and you wrack up your finger or fist (it had holes the size of fist, fingers, etc)... So anyone who ways 'I coulda taken Bruce Lee' should build this device and see if he dares to train with it.

On the Illuminati spot. Brandon's death was clearly no accident, and that does leave a cloud on Bruce's death. However, it's also fairly evident that Bruce was ingesting extremely potent Nepalese hash. It's too expensive for the average person, and he was using it heavily for the last six months of his life. Dr Landford was there at Lees collapse prior to his death, and he diagnosed the lethality of that drug -- 1/ deaths WERE attributed to it 2/ the exact same symtoms of the prior collapse were present at Lee's death. If there was a conspiracy, certainly the gangsters or whoever could have just made certain that Lee was provided with this super toxic drug. If the means of death was by the hash, then Lee has to take responsibility whether or not someone wanted to do him in.

On the saving face, Lee definitely pissed off the wimp triads. If they really wanted to save face, why didn't they challenge him face to face? Now, they have just lost more face.

On a personal note, when in HK I met a documentary filmmaker who interviewed the old Lee stuntmen; he said they never saw anyone like him. He could stand straight leg, put his fist on the ground thumbs up and bend down and suck his thumb. Ie, he was extremely disciplined since he wasn't normally flexible. His training was very heavy, and it's well known many are of the opinion it contributed to his death. I read a book that American intelligence killed John Lennon, very plausible book. And Am intel is just a yesman to the 'illuminati' or the 300 families or whatever you call them. It's documented that the same 300 familes are all over the map in business, media, etc, so is that a coincidence? It's said that there are just half a dozen men who are at the top of the pyramid. These are trillionaire centuries old familes -- start with the Rothschilds; owners of the world central banks, including the FED. It's simple to research that the majority shareholders of the FED are British front banks.

Back to Lee, another interesting thing is his involvement with the occult. Anytime you mess with spirit guides, you're fair game to demons, even tho they may masquerade as 'angels of light.' There was only one thing that could have saved him, but that would have meant he would have to be a follower to the real ultimate Authority.
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