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Message Subject The death of Bruce and Brandon Lee...Illuminati Conspiracy?
Poster Handle Ajna007
Post Content
Due to freaky events, and other stuff i have stumbled across this! I just want to say that my See Goonghow can these (Grandaddy sifu) Grew up around neighbourhood with bruce lee, he was a child when bruce was training and remembers him well!! I cant not agree with your points on MMA! Kung fu in general and Wing chun in particular are killing arts, used for self defence only!!!!! WC has roots in snake and crane but i ask you... Have you ever recieved a fun sau in the throat?? this chop even if caught by accident in class is designed to crush the throat. It is not possible to use such deadly techniques in exhibition and competition!! Because they are designed to kill an attacker! Wing chun is not a "Pretty flowery art" it is designed to protect your life and destroy any attacker! Therefore it cannot be watered down for show and made to look pretty!!!! Bruce did much fighting in his time, he lost a couple but nearly all his attackers were "Taken down to Chinatown" i.e the famous fight of big boss where an aggressor came onto set while filming and tried to fight him!! (Its in that Dragon Film) He himself ripped out the film, and the director wailed because he had lost the best fight caught on film ever!!!!!!! Bruce didnt want people to see him "Unleash the Dragon" on film. So as his fame grew, how could he keep on street brawling?! Look at what he did, he opened up Martial arts to the west,shared with us his people's philosophy, and culture, and they hated him for it!! Whenever an enlightend One opens the door to Enlightenment and Rennaisance they are taken from us. Both Brandon, Bruce, Jesus, JFK, ad infinitum!!! We only have them for a short while but, they do what they were put here to do in that time. With Bruce, it was easy to manipulate his bio chemestry to assassinate him, We all know the Illuminati work with the Lizzies, who have advanced knowledge of our DNA etc and wish mankind no good at all. With Brandon, Triads may well have pulled the trigger but yet again, it was the work of those lizzies! It always is, because bruce's teachings were awakening peoples hearts and minds to their unique souls, i.e Enlightenment... That is why the lizzies hate us so!! They cannot hav a soul and even consuming them does not give them that soul. He was stalked from birth, The idea that the "Demon" taught bruce lee how to fight is so farcical i really nearly pmsl!! This would imply that he was in league with the LIzzies. Bruce trained long and hard under Sifu Yip Man, expressing the human body's potential which we all have latent! For Bruce it was through the art of wing chun. I find it funny that a lot of quotes attributed to Bruce are the Taoist words of lao tzu, or chang tzu, or Buddhist tenents!! They've been around for 1000's of years but through Lee, the West heard them and we took it on board. So "They" killed him, via poison, which maybe an legitmate Ninja/triad technique, but those Lizzies chose that for Bruce. Throughout human history there has never been honour in killing by means of poison, but lizzies/illuminati dont have concept of honour, love, justice etc, all those qualities that the race of Man rarley utilizie, cos Liz have convinced us that war, suffering, racism, suffering etc is our path.... It is not. So to sum up yeh there was a bigass conspiracy in both deaths, I have watched the crow x amount of times but failed to see the illumanti symbols or this "faceless man" of which you speak... maybe beacause i was nt looking for them, but i will defo watch it later tonight!!! I am CRCA UK Wing Chun branch, and want to say one love to my brotherhood of man, remember resist the Lizzies, resist the Illumanti.... Believe brothers and sisters... We are at WAR for our very souls and the spirit of Gaia!!! Stay strong in these important times!!!!! x
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