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Message Subject The death of Bruce and Brandon Lee...Illuminati Conspiracy?
Poster Handle Anonymous coward 321
Post Content
Great post, OP. I've been a Bruce Lee fan since I was a kid. I have also studied martial arts for over 20 years and during that time had the priviledge of studying with 2 of Bruce's original students from the Seattle era. I also met Ed Parker by chance before his death and was able to have a lengthy discussion with him about Bruce (along with kenpo and other subjects).

I don't know about Illuminati involvement but I can tell you that Bruce was in fact heavily into metaphysical subjects. It isn't widely known to casual fans/followers, but Bruce was into subjects like telekinesis and communication with spirit guides. Although he was already one of the fastest humans on earth at the time, he was constantly trying to become even faster. His goal was to become as fast as human thought can occur. He was actively searching for a way to bridge the metaphysical with his mind and muscles, so that his punch would be imperceptible to the human eye. He nearly achieved this towards the end of his life. It's common knowledge that some of his fight scenes had to be filmed at a different frame rate because his natural movements were so fast that they looked fake during the dailies. The two Jun Fan students I trained with both said that Bruce could hit anyone at will and by the time your eyes perceived his movement, you were already hit.

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1422451

key to any of this is a true commitment to 'no limits or limitations' mind set. this means NO LIMITS. NONE. you are not even bound by what we believe to be the 'laws' of physics.

Bruce said 'from the eyes to the fist how much time is lost'. This in itself even is a limiting statement and Bruce would have discovered this eventually. Key is to 'strike' BEFORE the eyes see. But a 'strike' can take many non-lethal forms in the realm of self defense. Thus the word 'strike' is limiting. In fact, any word at all is limiting. Free yourself from the constraints of language.

So you find yourself being in the place where the mugger wasn't, or where the car crash wasn't, and so on. Because you truly embraced the 'no limits' concept. Best way to avoid a punch is to walk down the alley where the mugger wasn't hanging around, and you can train your spirit to do this.
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