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Message Subject The death of Bruce and Brandon Lee...Illuminati Conspiracy?
Poster Handle little dragon
Post Content
That said it is very likely he would have gotten past first tier in an MMA fight against experienced fighters. Kung Fu and Wing Chun are very artistic but are not dominant fighting techniques and never have been. And it is unlikely Bruce with all his talent would have ever been able to defeat Chuck Norris in the ring, although he shined brilliantly against him in the movies. Movyies are not reality.j. <<<to the writer of this...... this is all false. Bruce lee's master was the def. Of wingchun and is the reason its the most praised fighting style under bruce lee's gung fu. Learn your facts befor you make a fool of yourself. As far as the whole topic goes i agree the illuminati had something to do with this. And as a wingchun/gung fu student there is no way possible the illuminati could have taken bruce out in any other way than the pills. It was a set up and it still erks me to this day
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