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International Court of Justice - Current docket of the Court

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User ID: 135078
United States
12/11/2006 12:23 AM
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International Court of Justice - Current docket of the Court
THERE are people who want a inquiry into the WTC controversy.

There are people who want there to be trials concerning allegations of war crimes at Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo.

[link to www.icj-cij.org]

look at the list of pending cases on the ICJ's docket!

Montenegro. Bosnia. Venezuela.

No People's Republic of China, no Germany or France, no United States. No LARGE -- power-player countries.

if people really want justice they might want to start thinking about the ICJ. If they want what has been called "Democracy" they have to be the people who make it happen.

Democracy is government by the people. Not the sham of Socialism -- that is always military-industrial republics. And that means that people who don't have a desire to become rulers have to get personally involved with the political system -- and make it go. Otherwise it will go on being what it has been. That's the difference between Republic and Democracy ACTUALLY.

But the real deal is the ICJ. Take a look if you are concerned about mind control -- like many people are --
chiptruth (OP)

User ID: 135078
United States
12/11/2006 12:29 AM
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Re: International Court of Justice - Current docket of the Court
i am prepared for the weak minded political tries of those who lie to defend the fascist system. to defend their secret machines, they simply label people who speak the truth as frauds. hoping that their deception attempts neutralize those who would tell the truth.

Lenin said it. "A lie told enough times becomes truth." except that it does not -- it actually becomes psychosis presenting as knowledgablilty which is bad for everyone. A lie told enough times becomes a lie that substitutes itself as the truth -- can even become psychosis. Example: George W. Bush believing he was born to rule because his daddy told him that all during his childhood. That creates a psychotic -- a person who has been told a lie so much that there is no room for truth in them -- a complete psychotic break is the result. Bush belongs in psychiatric evaluation -- but Americans must learn to tell the difference between mass murderers and effective servants of the public interest and stewards of natural resources.


Details of the conference and report were sent to selected Australian politicians, news media and DEW targeted casualties.
Here is the Press Release from what was a very successful conference on the web. Misery likes company and unfortunately we have got plenty!
Betty Daly-King
PO Box 397
Armadale W.A. 6992
Western Australia, Australia
For Immediate Release
22 October 2006
Contacts: Deborah Dupre’, ICESH Campaign
Coordinator: Tel: +61 0417 863 833 or 08 9168 6001
or Derrick Robinson, ICESH PR Coordinator: Tel: +1 513 531 8873 Email:
icesh@duprevent.com or derrickcrobinson@gmail.com

Scientists, professors, engineers, former intelligence personnel,
well-known published authors and “Targeted Individuals” united
yesterday to discuss the need to end “The Silent Holocaust” in which
“an unknown number of victims are being secretly tortured to point of
death or to death” according to Deborah Dupre,’ the campaign
coordinator and coalition founder.Dupre’ stated the group
launched an international coalition to alert the public to extensive
non-lethal electro-magnetic weapon (also known as directed energy
weapon or DEW) secret use on selected persons globally. Victims are
systematically, continuously tortured; severely injured; disabled;
sometimes killed or driven to suicide.

Criminals with these weapons
attack from a distance and thus are not identified. “The
Coalition aims to obtain formal government investigations into these
organized terrorist activities,” Dupre explained. “We call this ‘The
Silent Holocaust’ because the tactics and technologies involved are
covertly employed and people are dying as a result of these
operations.” “These operations are often aimed at
whistleblowers and human rights and peace advocates - people deserving
respect and protection in a democracy. It appears that there is also
a random selection and that target numbers are increasing,” Dupre’
reported. “Selected targets are subjected to round-the-clock forms of
remote electronic torture, bullying, and stalking by organized groups
whose objectives are clearly lethal.

Most coalition members agree this
is the worst crime any government has ever committed.”
At yesterday’s event, responsibility for these operations focused
exclusively on central government. Dupre’ summarized conference
presenter’s views and major concerns: “Only government has the power,
financing, and need to test electromagenetic devices for military
purposes. U.S. federal agencies have a well-documented record of
secret experiments on involuntary human subjects going back more than
50 years including early CIA MKULTRA mind control experiments and
Atomic Energy Commission radiation experiments. Presently no
legislation prohibits United States testing new weapons on human
subjects.” “Clearly perpetrators are operating under
central direction and control and acting above the law with impunity
and apparent immunity. Victim’s complaints to local and federal
government agencies are never investigated,” Dupre’ stated, adding
that U.S. Air Force Secretary Michael Wynne publicly advocated that
the government "test" these weapons OVERTLY on & quot; "unruly
crowds.” Conference guest speakers included Dr. Nick
Begich, author of "Controlling the Human Mind: The Technologies
of Political Control or Tools for Peak Performance; " author
Gloria Naylor, Robert Duncan, Ph.D., a Harvard-educated scientist, and
Eleanor White, long-term activist against covert electronic torture.
The event ended with a commemoration of the many reported
targeted individuals that have died while struggling to survive this
type of extreme abuse. The conference was sponsored by
Freedom From Covert Harassment and Surveillance, [link to freedomfchs.com] and
Duprevent International, www.duprevent.com . Media are
welcome to interview targeted individuals from around the world upon
request. Photo ops are available at certain locations by
pre-arrangement with the campaign coordinator,
Deborah Dupre’, +0417 863 833 or
Derrick Robinson +1 513 531 8873.

COOPRADIO.ORG - Electronic weapons harassment & Gang stalking - WORLD DAY TO END THE SILENT HOLOCAUST
WHEN: Monday Oct. 23, 2006 at Noon - 1 PM PT
LISTEN LIVE: [link to www.coopradio.org]
TOPIC: Electronic weapons & Gang stalking - World Day to End the Silent Holocaust
I - World Day To End Silent Holocaust
Part I - A conversation with Deborah Dupres (Australia), originator of World Day to End the Silent Holocaust, about remote electronic weapons torture and organized gangstalking.
Website: [link to www.freedomfchs.com]
[link to exopolitics.blogs.com]
II - World Day To End the Silent Holocaust
Part II - A conversation with Derrick Robinson, co-organizer of World Day to End the Silent Holocaust, about remote electronic weapons
torture and organized gangstalking.
Website: [link to www.freedomfchs.com]
Duration: 19 minutes, 33 seconds
[link to exopolitics.blogs.com]
III - World Day To End the Silent Holocaust
Part III - A conversation with Julianne McKinney, Director of the Electronic Surveillance Project (Association of National Security Alumni), about remote electronic weapons torture and organized gangstalking.
Host: Alfred Lambremont Webre, JD, MEd
Duration: 16 minutes, 19 seconds
[link to exopolitics.blogs.com]
Host: Alfred Lambremont Webre, JD, MEd
FROM: Freedom From Covert Harassment and Surveillance and DUPREVENT
We hope that many of you have seen this information by now. If you haven't, I hope you can attend this event. It is a conference call ceremony and panel discussion afterwards. The date is Saturday, October 21. All the pertinent details are listed here. Please be aware that this event can be attended for free using Skype, an instant messaging program that you can download here: www.skype.com After dialing the conference call number, you'll need to enter a code - 5888200. Please wait until the recording plays completely before clicking in the code or you get an error message. Thanks for your participation in this event. If you have any questions or problems connecting to the call, please call these numbers:
Aaron Avalons:
Derrick Robinson:
1-513-531-8873 (home)
1-513-237-5563 (cell)
Derrick Robinson, Moderator/Director
Freedom From Covert Harassment and Surveillance
Saturday, October 21, 2006
A Worldwide Conference Call
8 am PST/11 am EST/3 pm BST (London)
4 pm CEST (Amsterdam)/11 pm WST (Australia)
Citizens of the World Standing Together to End
Organized Stalking, Lethal Bullying,
& Remote Electronic Torture
sponsored by
Featuring: Dr. Nick Begich, author Gloria Naylor, and other speakers and participants from countries around the world, including:
Australia, Canada, the Netherlands, the US,
Belgium, Austria, England, India
Conference Call Number:
Access Code: 5888200
For more information, please visit: www.freedomfchs.com
or call Aaron Avalos at: 617-785-5778
"Let there be Peace on Earth"
Visit these activism sites for more information about group stalking or gangstalking and electromagnetic harassment:
This site is owned by Norma Lawrence. The name of her organization is called, 'CATCH'. They are a community activist organization dealing with issues of gangstalking and electromagnetic harassment.
Gangstalking and other videos by Norma Lawrence at this site.

This site is owned by Eleanor White for those seeking information and support for multiple stalking.

This site is owned by Sueann Campbell.

This site is owned by Lynn Troxed

This site is owned by Cheryl Welsh

This site is owned by John Mecca

This site is owned by Robert Duncan

This site is owned by Kuango Seilah

This site is owned by Target Elephant

This site is managed by Vicky Kindhart and has voluminous information about mind control, organized stalking and electromagnetic harassment.

This is a great site for information about gangstalking and other types of harassment in general. There is also information for finding legal help. It is owned by Gmb Bailey.
The Blogs
[link to spaces.msn.com] - Journey to Freedom - FFCHS blog
[link to tiworld.blogspot.com] - John Hughes
www.electromagneticsurveillance.blogspot.com - Janis Lanham
[link to myspace.com] - Josh Knoll
[link to spaces.msn.com] - Mavis Soleil
[link to spaces.msn.com]
- Derrick Robinson
[link to www.9-11themotherofallblackoperations.blogspot.com] - Jim Marino
[link to etisoppa.blogspot.com] - Paul Galt
www.myspace.com/canfresh - Maurice McDuffie
[link to www.geocities.com] - Nomi
[link to www.emhdf.com] - Samuel B. Bryar IV
[link to www.whatisgangstalking.blogspot.com] - Bob Paxton
www.goonlog.blogspot.com - Target
The Petitions
[link to www.ethical-business.com] by Ken Lee

[link to petitionthem.com] by Kuango Seilah
and for further information
1996 - by Gloria Naylor
Terrorist Stalking in America - by David Lawson
Coherent Madness: Effective Defense Against Covert Warfare - by Mukazo Mukazo Vunda
LISTENER-SPONSORED CO-OP RADIO is broadcast across Canada on the Star Choice satellite system on channel 845. Co-op radio, CFRO fm is located in Vancouver, B.C., Canada. Its frequency in the Vancouver area is 102.7 MHz and we are also found on various cable frequencies in most major cities throughout British Columbia.
RealAudio and Program information for radio station CFRO can be found on the internet at [link to www.coopradio.org]
Listener phone-in: Call Coop Radio on-air with your questions and comments at (604) 684-7561.
[link to peaceinspace.blogs.com]
User ID: 66782540
06/29/2016 12:34 AM
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Re: International Court of Justice - Current docket of the Court
I have real footage of their weapons coming out of neighbors windows if theres anyone serious on here contact me on 0447356512