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911/WTC and the CFR and Larry Silverstein

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 2886
United States
12/11/2006 10:47 AM
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911/WTC and the CFR and Larry Silverstein
Two points:

A) OPie said, " If you think this is far fetched, bear in mind that they permitted Hitler, a liberal socialist himself, who was financed by corrupt Kennedy, the Warburgs, and the Rothschilds, to incinerate 600,000 Jews."

Truth: Prescott BUSH financed the Nazis.
See here: [link to www.google.com]

B) Larry Silverstein, who said, "we had such terrible loss of life, maybe the smartest thing to do is pull it." And they made that decision to pull and we watched the building collapse..." Source: [link to www.google.com]

Larry Silverstein is closely associated with the CFR executive, Peter G. Peterson (Chairman of the CFR and Federal Reserve Bank of New York). Source: [link to www.google.com]

Peter G. Peterson, CFR chairman, is Chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and the Blackstone Group. Source: [link to www.cfr.org]

Larry Silverstein and Peter G. Peterson were in collusion regarding 911. Source: [link to www.google.com]

Blackstone Group acquired the debt for WTC prior to its destruction. Source: [link to www.blackstone.com]

See also here: [link to www.google.com]

Not only did Peter G. Peterson, CFR, Larry Silverstein, and the Blackstone Group participate in the destruction of WTC/911, they had the hutzpah to come out publicly to talk about rebuilding the WTC comples: "Several prominent CEOs participated in a December panel discussion at NYU to offer their views on “Rebuilding Confidence in the US Economy.” The event, organized by Prof. Nicholas Economides of the Stern School of Business, featured Richard Grasso, chairman of the New York Stock Exchange, Stephen Schwarzman, president and CEO of The Blackstone Group, and Larry Silverstein, president and CEO of Silverstein Properties."

Source: [link to www.nyu.edu]

And so, you see, 911/WTC was done by the CFR and the Illuminati bastards -- in your face -- and then they lied to you about it -- to your face. The so-called "Independent 911 Commission" was not independent at all -- it, too, was run amok with CFR insiders. Consider the two most prominently visible members of the 911 Commission, Thomas H. Kean and Lee H. Hamilton. They are both CFR members.

Thomas H. Kean, CFR sources: [link to www.google.com]

Lee H. Hamilton, CFR sources: [link to www.google.com]

So... they destroyed WTC in your face and lied to you about it in your face and they know that there's nothing that can be done about it because the CFR controls the entire government.

CFR members in the House of Representatives:
[link to www.geocities.com]
[link to www.google.com]

CFR members in the Senate:
[link to www.nndb.com]
[link to www.google.com]

These SOB's will kill you, lie about it, start a war because of the lies, charge you to rebuild the buildings they destroyed while they killed you, charge you to rebuild the countries they destroy in their lying wars, and they do it right in your face and you do nothing about it.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 168287
United Kingdom
12/11/2006 11:47 AM
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Re: 911/WTC and the CFR and Larry Silverstein
I agree with all your post, but can we have some links purleaseeeeeeeeee.