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Message Subject NASA - Going to the Moon for REAL this time - so the Chinese don't find out the Apollo landings were faked!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Once the Chinese get there (gasp, their goal is to land a man on the moon by 2020, the same year USA wants a lunar base complete) the American's will have already "returned" and set up fake Apollo landing sites to perpetrate the original landing hoax of 1969.
 Quoting: markusmaximus 148742

Unfortunately for you, the science will confirm that the equipment has been up there since the late 1960's and early 1970s, left behind when NASA astronauts went to the moon exactly as they claim.

A simple examination of the surfaces if the equipment will tell the story. Strikes by cosmic dust particles, perhaps even micrometeroids will date quite accurately, within 2% (over 50 years to 2020, that is within 12 months or so) how long the equipment has been in place on the surface. On top of this, there is the deterioration of the surfaces of the equipment and the change in their chemical composition due to years of unremitting cosmic radiation; an even more accurate measure.

But hey, why should you believe me? Well, I don't expect you to. The difference between you (a moon hoax believing nut-job) and me (a rational, clear-thinking human) is that when any of US debunk YOUR beliefs using tried and proven science, all you have to do is make up some new and unlikely idea, usually the first one that pops into your alleged brain. Either that or you call the well proven science into question. You are not at all constrained by the requirement to prove anything; you just say it, and expect everyone to believe its so. WE on the other are constrained to prove our beliefs scientifically, with research and references.

To paraphrase John Henry Newman, conspiracy theorists and hoax believers demand strict proof for opinions they dislike, but are satisfied with mere hints for what they are inclined to accept.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 24774011

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