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Message Subject NASA - Going to the Moon for REAL this time - so the Chinese don't find out the Apollo landings were faked!
Poster Handle smartcooky
Post Content
CONGRESS cancelled it.
They told NASA not to waste public funds on trying to educate idiots.
 Quoting: Halcyon Dayz, FCD

Mitch Romney, take special note!!

Honestly, dealing with the HB idiots can be tiresome. Every time they ask a question and get an answer that has its basis in sound logical, scientific and mathematical principles, one of two things usually happens.

- They can't understand it because they are too stupid to

- They DO understand it, realise they are wrong, but dismiss it with a wave of the hand, and go another subject.

I am a firm believer in Occam's Razor, which holds that where several different theories are competing, the one with the simplest premise and least number unlikely scenarios is almost always the right one. Which is more likely?

a. That one nation spent billions of dollars over a period of a few years putting a man on the moon?


b. The one nation spent billions of dollars developing all of the hardware, equipment, engineering systems, backup systems, support systems, electronics & avionics, then doing all the test flights and rocket launches, employing between a quarter of a million and a half a million people from dozens of countries, only to end up faking the landings six/seven times in a conspiracy, and then end up lumbering themselves with the astronomical ongoing costs of maintaining the conspiracy for over 40 years, and all the while, not one of the up to half a million people involved has every said anything about it to any one?
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