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Message Subject NASA - Going to the Moon for REAL this time - so the Chinese don't find out the Apollo landings were faked!
Poster Handle shadasonic
Post Content
You need to read ONE SMALL STEP The Great Moon Hoax by Gerhard Wisnewski, then you will realise the whole lot was a gigantic lie perpetrated by the USSR and the USA in order to fleece it's populations of trillions of $$'s in order to fund armament's black budgets and line the pockets of the elite.....read about the deaths of outspoken engineers and astronauts and the way in which there was NO WAY the modules could withstand bombardment from cosmic radiation with 3mm of aluminium 4 to 5mm of lead sheet, and driven by computers less powerful than the average front loading washing machine built today.

Man has visited the moon but not by man made machinery, but by extraterrestrial space craft.

Then there is the Van Allen Belts................

you can download parts of the book on google but I purchased it for the whole sordid story
 Quoting: blastercas

I read it, very convincing!
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