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Message Subject NASA - Going to the Moon for REAL this time - so the Chinese don't find out the Apollo landings were faked!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
It's funny that you are so convinced it happened based on what you have seen on t.v. yet anyone that opposes your beleif is outright wrong. Have you actually seen the moon's surface, where you in orbit around it at the time? don't denegrate other peoples views based on what you believe given that both viewpoints have no real evidence to back them up.

Personally the jury is out for me until hard evidence comes to light one way or another, but don't act knowledgable about a subject you cannot know anything about.
 Quoting: Paz 24933263

I believe it happened because the science tells me it did. The science is the hard evidence, and its all the evidence that is needed.

I don't have to actually see snow, or a lake or the ocean, to know what they are made of; the science tells me what they are made of;

I don't have to see the interior of the Sun know know how it works, because the science tells me how it works.

Hoax Believers aren't wrong because they oppose my beliefs, the are wrong because they don't understand the science involved.... if they did understand it, they wouldn't even be Hoax Believers in the first place.

The fact that so many of them don't even believe that rockets work in space because "there is no air for them to push against" tells me that they haven't the foggiest understanding of basic science whatsoever. When you try to explain Newton's Laws of Motion, they try to tell you that Newton was wrong. And therein lies another issue; no matter how many well known and well proven scientific principles (ones on which the whole of the Laws of Physics are based) are brought into evidence, all from the most eminent and respected of scientists; Newton, Einstein, Tsiolkovsky, Goddard etc, the average conspiracy theorist just dismisses them as "wrong" with a wave of the hand.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 19042427

Laughing at your silly answers "the science tells me". What the hell does that mean? Nothing.

The best 'evidence' they had to show we went there was so obviously faked. That is the images and videos were faked. That's the evidence you dumb stupid halfwit shill dill. Can't get past it.
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