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12/18/2006 01:21 AM
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Greetings all,

We can see that ST in BG is still in GLP (the old links are all still working and the pages are all there) but the thread was taken out of the forum, as the OP was considered as completely delusional and in fact detrimental to this website’s minimum level of credibility.

However, there is a true issue about this very long ST episode.
1) UFO’s and extraterrestrials exist for a fact. Thousands of people tell the same and present all sorts of proof and mainly, I myself can remember seeing them over my car and more vaguely, entering into their craft and seeing a film in a big screen. Therefore, even the extremely small probability of someone making a real mental, telepathic or mediunic contact with an extraterrestrial entity has the power to stir up most cult audiences.

2) Second, when considering “Star Traveler” communication style we need to admit that it followed a very peculiar, consistent, intelligent and somehow credible pattern (following highly logical structures), which was highly efficient in stirring controversy as it mixed some true and non divulged occultist and spiritualist insights, highly unorthodox (but) structured responses to religious and scientific dogmas, and avoidance to origin detection (at least until months later). This style of conversation (and confrontation) is rather common in mediunic sessions where entities take possession of the body of the medium, who then becomes able to do things which are totally impossible for him/her when completely ”awaken”. This is a rather unconventional situation, not very uncommon in my country, but almost unknown and discredited in the US.

3) Third, the Annunaki legend is real as well as the existence of numerous people and websites now coming about to mention their acts and (direct and indirect) influences as a major factor in Earth’s future. The reality of ET’s existence (for many people) ends up giving credibility to some part of this legend.

4) Fourth and finally, after my first luring period and then gradual exposure of the Reptilian Annunaki’s real intentions, ST’s impersonating entity responses became rather aggressive and betrayed the fact that his true level of spirituality is way under what he (and his legend) purposed to have achieved as Enki, one of the suposed millenary extraterrestrial creators of the human race as cited in ancient Sumerian / Persian / Egyptian folklore and mythology. See:
[link to www.jameswbell.com]

[link to www.bibliotecapleyades.net]

[link to www.bibliotecapleyades.net]

A Few Conclusions:
A) ST or Robert, affirmed that these were in fact “mediunic” possessions commanded by an alien implant (as ST affirmed), which allowed him to contact this extraterrestrial being – this is NOT impossible at all, as many mediunic churches and assemblies use to proclaim.

B) If in fact an extraterrestrial was communicating with Robert, and if this ET was really an Annunaki named Enki, it would be extremely unlikely that he could have lived for more than 3,000 terrestrial years as ST alleged. That constitutes a lie and outs everything else under suspicion.

C) ST affirmations about Nibiru’s impact and provoked changes are partially supported by ancient texts from diverse sources, biblical, Mayan and Sumerian legends. Nothing was though absolute or concrete.

D) ST behavior conveys a truly logical person with solid beliefs (even though you may not agree at all with any of them) and VERY strong consistent responses when exposed to the same stimulus. Scaring enough, many of his responses implied in the pure elimination of most humankind and all organic life.

E) His suggestions as to embark in a mothership or enter a dimensional portal were refused by most, and I hope to have helped to uncover the intentions that shall lay behind this, according to some evidence and scattered pieces of information from many sources.

May God protect the good among us if such days ever come to happen. Go by the true light.