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Poster Handle Earth Daughter
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Seriosuly though. Why are the aleins fucking with us?

Why do the just "buzz" our skies but make no real attempt of making official contact in front of millions of people?

I think there are some interstellar mind-fucking going on and planet earth is the one being fucked.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 176275

In my opinion, they are just trying to show themselves as they have been doing for quite awhile. Only this time the public gets it from the mainstream media intead of wondering if it was real on youtube.

If this happens more and more and people start talking about it more and more, then they get used to the idea that the E.T.'s are out there. Then I think first contact will happen publicly and formally. I don't think the E.T.'s want to just land and come strolling out of their craft when some ignorant redneck pulls out a gun and starts blasting away.

I think they would want to be assured of some safety when they left the craft. I think it will done in a formal, diplomatic manner - but that would require a lot more openness from the governments.

Be interesting to see what transpires.
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