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Message Subject Do you dare me to name the name of an illuminati member Alive today ?
Poster Handle Xare
Post Content
Ok well we all know that the illuminati think they are men of pure intellect. And they even brag that people like Galileo and newton were members of their ancient brotherhood.

They are men of science and we are in a war between Religion and Science.

Galileo died in a catholic prison January 8th, 1642.

Do you know who was born exactly 300 years later on exactly the same day January 8th 1942 ? I do, because iam a fan of string theory and particle physics and this is how I have put the connection together.

Is it a mere coincidence that this man I speak of holds the very same chair that Galileo did at Cambridge University ?

The Lucasian Professor of Mathematics.

Stephen Hawking !
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