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Message Subject Latest Wanta update: International Court of Justice subpoenas issued against Paulson and Cheney for money-laundering
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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To Truthie,

You bet there is. There are folks in the Senate Finance Building that know more than they are saying on this issue. If you call Senator Grassley's office they will give you a name and you can then create a foia request. The problem with these reports is that they tell you all day they have documentation. But we haven't seen this so-called documentation. Symenski and Cottrell should post this documentation on the websites. Since a foia request would probably fail, due to a national security concern.

Remember folks the last forty years has been a function of a rouge bank called BCCI. No doubt there was a huge amount of covert money that sloshed around between bcci and the other major banks, including the Vatican banks. But sitting around hoping ain't gonna bring it back.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 170927

I assume Cottrell can't post the documents he has been shown on his British website because it is classified information, the British sector of this story being covered by the Official Secrets Act. That's how intelligence tip-offs work. The spooks tell you everything (well, some!) provided it remains deniable because there are no documents with government department letter heads and signatures on them that are being made public.
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