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Terror's Trivial When It's Not Muslims...

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User ID: 171861
United States
01/05/2007 10:18 AM
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Terror's Trivial When It's Not Muslims...
Terror's Trivial When It's Not Muslims
Madrid Airport bombing receives scant attention

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet
Thursday, January 4, 2007

How many people who aren't news junkies know that Madrid Airport was bombed on Saturday? Relatively few I would venture, and that's because major western governments and their media mouthpieces don't hype terror unless Muslims are behind it.

I personally only caught the story a couple of days after it happened on an obscure channel on UK digital satellite called Euro News. Operatives of the Basque separatist organization ETA packed 800kg of explosives in a car bomb that ripped apart the parking lot of Barajas Madrid Airport, killing two and injuring twenty people.

Now imagine if "Al-Qaeda" bombed Heathrow or LAX. You'd never hear the end of it, the news would be on it 24/7 and entering an airport would be akin to checking into a concentration camp. And yet Saturday's blast was greeted by little more than bylines and muted dismissals by the mainstream media.

Before 9/11 terrorism was seen through the prism of a criminal problem because fewer people lose their lives as a result of it than do those who get struck by lightening. There have been just 2,929 terror induced deaths since 9/11 according to the Bush administration's own numbers and more people every year die in swimming pool accidents - hardly the mega threat to western society that many have portrayed. Put in this context, Saturday's bombing would not have made the top of the news because like all terrorism that occurs in the west, it is extremely rare, random and, like murder, rape or theft, is impossible to ever truly prevent.

But in the "post 9/11 world," the artificial creation and maintenance of the myth of "Islamofascism" is dependent on ceaseless obsession with the imminent threat of Muslim terror around every corner, and that's why something like the Madrid Airport bombing would have been shoved down our throats until kingdom come - but only if Muslims were behind it.

Terror attacks like Saturday's become mere pre-cursors to the "and finally" puff piece if they can't be pinned on "Islamofascists" and the scam recycled.

It's almost a national emergency nowadays if Muslims - God forbid - are seen praying on an aeroplane, and their every action being scrutinized as a foreboding for the apocalypse, which only breeds suspicion across all of society, has turned the land of the free into the United States of Hysteria.

Swimming pools killed more Americans than terrorists today - Muslim or otherwise.

Fear is a lie.


(End Article)

"I should have been French."

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 3836
United States
01/05/2007 10:32 AM
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Re: Terror's Trivial When It's Not Muslims...
The Israkikes have nothing to gain from ETA terror attacks. So they are of no importance.
anonymous coward
User ID: 91825
United States
01/05/2007 02:39 PM
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Re: Terror's Trivial When It's Not Muslims...
The Israkikes have nothing to gain from ETA terror attacks. So they are of no importance.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 3836

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