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Questions FOR Aliens...............................

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 25583018
United States
11/19/2012 10:24 AM
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Re: Questions FOR Aliens...............................
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 28061728
11/19/2012 11:04 AM
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Re: Questions FOR Aliens...............................
Since the announcement and public display of aliens is soon and imminent, I thought it would be a good idea to compile a list of questions you may want to ask them at the announcement. If you like to know the answers to these questions I would be ecstatically happy to assist you.

Thanks for considering the use of these questions………….

1. My parents used a birthing matrix, and I'm a fully functional alien. My species evolved and adapted to the point of not needing an anus, but 100% absorption of food; who would need one anyway?

2. I've been here for 111 years, and look/appear as if I'm in my late 20's.

3. My species has never taken people against their will. Let alone earthlings of any kind. If they break intergalactic laws above, then they are detained and questioned. My people don't believe in capital punishment. We use stasis sleep as a form of punishment.

4. The only experiment that I personally like, is the experimentation on what makes earthlings laugh or love. This requires nothing but vocal cords.

5. You're speaking of the now extinct race of tall greys, small greys, and giant lizard men. These aliens were vicious, sadistic, and enjoyed experimenting on the weak.

6. There are bad earthlings and good earthlings. 99.9% of my species are what earthlings would considered "pure" to the point of being godly.

7. I personally communicated with the U.S. government since I crash landed here in a rocket ship. Since then, they have given me special rights; and in return, I give them classified help.

8. That was a war between greys and another species. The greys used suppression technology (what you call force fields) to detain innocent aliens. The innocent aliens fought back and remained in control of their planet (sector).

9. Again, you're talking about another species. I look as human as the next person, but I have a bunch of extra organs and some cool side effects of living in this atmosphere.

10. I answered this one in question number 9.

11. Far as I can tell. Those greys are what you call biblical demons. Christian churches practice a form of white magic, that burns the hell out of negative and parasitical species. Only thing is, you need a priest involved in certain rituals to make blessings work on demons of any kind.

12. Those who know the Messiah do not talk, and those who talk do not know.

13. Our species has mixed with earthlings before, but never have we harvested them.

14. Intergalactic rules state that you (earthlings) cannot be told the full truth. Until you reach a mental state in which the truth doesn't give you seizures, nose bleeds, or make you psychotic. Most earthlings go into a coma if introduced to the stuff that goes on above.

15. Cloning has been part of my species for millions of years. We use it to replace our own parts if they should fail. There has always been a debate about clone rights, but our cloning is 100% perfect. Unlike some other species who can only clone 48%.

16. Question does not make sense.

17. Question does not make sense.

18. I have a home. It is about 51 light years from this sector of space. Earth is my second home, I am welcomed by governments and many people here. I work within your Hollywood industry.

19. Using "skins" is something species are told to do. There are so many shapes and sizes to aliens; they are not legally allowed to appear how they really look. I look like a humanoid being from earth, so I don't need that type of mask. Greys often used people's skins by murdering them, this is illegal; but again, they are extinct.

20. The question does not make sense. Your level of understanding of this earth is limited.

21. As more sightings increase, the more human/earthlings are willing to accept higher truth. This causes a genetic boost to your minds, and allows you to adapt to being afraid.

22. That sounds like grey talk, my species does no such thing. We can Terra form and fix this planet in mere seconds, but that is a job for the Messiah.

23. That sounds like a telepathic link up. My species mastered that using technology, but I wouldn't be surprised if it was the squid race. They love and enjoying using telepathy on lower level humanoids.

24. Lizard men are no more. They conquered many worlds, but in the end my species exterminated them and is undoing some of their influence here.

25. My species is governed by a science council. Which is also governed by a warrior guild; which is also governed by an Elders Council (you have to be a billion years old, and a master of all science to be part of that one). I'm considered just a baby compared to them; yet I can pass as an adult to everyone here. My father is 1 billion years old.

26. This is a sign of the coming of the Messiah. It is what you call birth pangs, and the earth is responding to a universal shift to higher levels of purity. When a child is brought into this world, there is blood, pain, but in the end something beautiful arrives.

27. There have been many illegal extraterrestrials coming here. Often invading and posing as your government agents. These ones have been taken care of. They are no more, and people's lives are being restored as I type.

28. This was stopped. Again, my species arrived here and is fixing all the issues. The greys, lizard, and tall greys planned this type of take over/invasion. My species has no need to invade. We have treaties with so many earth like worlds, it goes into the millions. If we wanted to invade; nothing could stop my species from taking over. Worse then taking candy from a baby. We are not that way, and eventually this world will be "upgraded" to travel by way of warp drive.

29. Your dictators have been taken care of.