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Message Subject Questions FOR Aliens...............................
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You think so? About having an inferiority complex and having to insult you?
In fact, no.
You're the one with the blood and guts God to be feared and it has been my observation that people project their own internal state onto reality at large.
As one of the Greek philosophers pointed out; "If horses had gods they'd look like horses."
So your fear is your own problem, not inculcated by your parents?
Which is fine with me-the world is full of cowards.
What is not fine is cowards who congregate in gangs (churches) and force others to follow their ideology.

For your parents I would apologise to them.

For you I still think you're an idiot and a loonytoons.

 Quoting: Illegal Alien 37826

REPLY: Surely you are not serious. You said you "WOULD" (future tense)apologize to my parents. You made no apologies to me as I addressed with the following reply:
As far as apologizing to my parents, such is unnecessary for the dead need no apologies. However the living are required to receive one when you attempt to low rate their parents because it makes you feel superior. This sadly will not fare well with you without an apology only because of your arrogance. Sadly I can promise you that you will never forget for as long as you live what you said to me about my deceased parents who can no longer defend themselves. You probably are asking yourself how I know you will never forget it. Lets just say we leave that for you to figure out. Calling me an idiot and a loonyton to fulfill your need for superiority is of no consequence to me for when your insultings have ceased you are still the same thing you were before you tried to make youself feel superior. Finally I don't expect a person who has no respect for God to have any for me either.

Again, no thanks for your comments about my deceased parents..........

Therefore you cannot apoligize to my parents until you see them; and you sure did not apologize to me. Based on your untruth, that finger you are using to point at me as being the idiot and a liar is overruled by the three digits pointing backwards to reveal the truth. Don't expect any further replies from me.

No thanks for wasteing my time.........
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