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Message Subject Questions FOR Aliens...............................
Poster Handle Illegal Alien
Post Content
I would apologise to your parents."
I come from an English English speaking country 'would' where does not always refer to the future.
For example: "I would say that the weather outside is cold."
As for apologising to you directly, because of your hurt feelings, actually, no.
If someone made an erroneous assessment of my own parents based on the way I behaved I would like an apology to my parents, although I wouldn't consider it necessary.
Because the comment would in fact not be about my parents at all, but a mistaken perception, extrapolated from my behaviour.
It would (conditional tense, not future tense) indicate a failing on my behalf, not their's.
I am an adult responsible for my own actions.
And if you want a personal apology for anything else I've said about you...forget it.
Unless you can prove that you're not a liar.
Last time, brcause I refuse to waste my time anymore;
"What is my middle name?"
Either one will do, because I have two as I said.
And no I'm not a Mexican!
Won't say because, you can't say , can you?
This is my last post on this subject.
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