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Message Subject Questions FOR Aliens...............................
Post Content
Also. I am neutral when it comes to aliens.
 Quoting: SpectrumBlue

REPLY: There is much I could say in regards to your most recent post above. However, in the interest of time, I will only address the most confusing part.

You say above that you are neutral about aliens in your most recent post. But in your earlier post you had the following to say:
Either way If there is life out there I believe that they are just as part of creation as the stars planets and every thing else that God created.
There will be good aliens and bad aliens just like there are good earthlings and bad earthlings.
 Quoting: SpectrumBlue

Are you neutral or have you taken the position of some aliens are good and some are bad? This appears to be double talk. The rest I will not address for I believe that most who read here are intelligent enough to see for themselves.

Thanks for commenting (though most negatively in all posts).....
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