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Message Subject Questions FOR Aliens...............................
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3. Why did you abduct humanity against their will?


REPLY: Aliens abduct humanity against their will because they hate humanity. They are jealous against humanity and even though they are not allowed to physically destroy humanity here on earth, they are allowed to influence humanity to destroy themselves. Satan and the aliens are involved in research and experimentation that they have done for many thousands of years. Even though their experiments have been failures they continue their experiments in hopes of being successful. They are aware that mankind would not knowingly consent to their experimentation so the abduction process is used. They are most cruel in their abduction and do not care about the pain that is experienced by he humans they abduct. They rather enjoy the pain of the abductee. They have tagged individuals like animals against their will. If the aliens could have their way they would destroy EVERY human on the face of this planet. The aliens are very careful about the types of individuals they abduct. The fallen angels were not happy with the fact that after their own creation that God took to creating humans. Not only does God cherish his children but He has also given them glories not given to angels. This is one of the reason Satan rebelled in the first place. He felt that humans were inferior to himself and was jealous of the attention God devoted to humans. He was event more upset that God has called humanity all over the Universe His children. The angels are not given that status. Now that they have been banished from heaven and condemned by God to damnation they are experimenting on a way to prevent their demise. This means to them that they must abduct humanity with or without consent to find the ingredient that can prevent their destruction. All abductions are always in some way related to this one major desire to save themselves. They are aware that they will soon be destroyed and are hoping to get a step ahead of God. Of course of all their years of abductions, they have never discovered how to gain what they so dearly need. Let me add here though that all abductions are not done by the aliens, but they are also done by goverments and special interest groups.

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