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Message Subject Questions FOR Aliens...............................
Poster Handle JEDIsciple
Post Content
Since the announcement and public display of aliens is soon and imminent, I thought it would be a good idea to compile a list of questions you may want to ask them at the announcement. If you like to know the answers to these questions I would be ecstatically happy to assist you.

1. Since you have no reproduction systems who are your parents?

My Father is God, I don't have a mother in a human sense of the word. Presently I am incarnated in human flesh and have human parents as well.

2. Why do you choose to show up at this time in the history of humanity?

Humans are on the verge of destroying themselves, but I was here for thousands of years helping you do it. I just recently converted to the side of good.

3. Why did you abduct humanity against their will?

That's just silly. I can't judge anyone, but perhaps some people that say they were abducted are not telling the Truth.

4. What are you looking for when you experiment upon humanity?


5. Why in your experiments and abductions do you focus on the reproductive system of humanity?

LOL again

6. Why do you use the good cop bad cop theory to make it appear that even though some aliens are bad that there are actually some good ones?

satan is an example of a bad alien. God and Archangel Michael are good "aliens". Being good (good being) means upholding the Law, breaking the Law is bad. There is much more at stake than what impressions we might make on some humans, namely eternal souls.

7. How long have you dialogued with governments of this planet?

satan controls all the governments on this planet

8. Why did you kill one of your own kind by purposely crashing a vessel in Roswell, New Mexico?

I am not aware of that incident, we are immortal beings of Light, it does not make sense to talk of us dying by crashing a vessel. There are ways to destroy us, namely the Fire. Many of you are at risk of experiencing the Fire first-hand. The Fire is not the same as Earth combustion.

9. Why did you subject one of your own to a live dissection knowing he could feel the pain even though those who dissected him thought he could not feel it?

LOL, We are made of Light.

10. Why did you ask our government to abduct humanity for you?

I did not make such request, if this happend perhaps your government is evil

11. Why do you not abduct those who are known by you to be stout hearted Christians?

Few so-called Christians actually keep the Commandments of Christ
Christ said: "If you Love Me, keep My Commandments"
This is just a side-note, actually I'm not sure that what some people say about abductions is true, I hope they are not lying.

12. Why are you afraid of the authority and power of Jesus the Christ?

I am a student of Christ. He is my Master. JEDI stands for Jesus Disciple.

13. Why do you harvest hybrids?

hybrids? we harvest souls.

14. Why do you pretend to come from far away solar systems and galaxies when you know you are actually from this area of the solar system and have been so for quite some time?

I come from the Morning Star a.k.a. Venus. When I am not in Hell I can travel pretty much anywhere in the Universe. I have no interest in "pretending to come from far away solar systems". Humans think too much of themselves. You may have to do something about the arrogance and the ignorance on this planet if you hope to survive.

15. Why do you never go to visit your fellow clones in other parts of the Universe?

I am not allowed to leave this planet until I graduate.

16. Why do your fellow clones in other parts of the Universe never come to visit you?

My guardian angel, which is similar to what humans call a parole officer, except more effective, watching me very closely. Christ is on this planet incarnated as a human right now. There are also many of my Brothers here, roughly 144000. I am not sure they are what you call clones, but I'm pretty close with my Family.

17. Why do you care not to reveal your parents and do not want others to know of that relationship.

My Father is God. I Love Him. He is Love.

18. Why do you care not to reveal you have no real home origin that presently exists?

I come from the Morning Star. I was kicked out from the Morning Star for treason after a rebellion.

19. Why do you engage in cloning to create different looks to make it appear that you are from many areas of the universe?

What's with the cloning. I'm not cloning anyone, I'm a prisoner in Hell, a.k.a. planet Earth, awaiting the Day of Judgment to find out if I am pardoned or sentenced to death. I have more important things to worry about than cloning, like my Eternal Soul.

20. Why do you tell humanity of pending catastrophic events without telling that the events are natural and occur approximately every 40,000 years.

Yeah, how about WW3? Is that natural? It starts with Iran and Syria, SCO(China+Russia+more) is next. It is my present understanding that SCO is referred to in the Scriptures as "the kings of the East" . I'll try to prevent it, but it's not easy because most of you work for satan even if you dont realize it. Please Love, Love is good for all, Love conquers all. I Love you.
Also, humans are destroying the environment very rapidly in ways that are not natural.
The environment on this planet does change "naturally" but it is in no way random - it is all controlled very meticulously by God.

21. Why are you now stepping up your appearances (sightings) in our skies?

As the Day of Judgment comes closer our presence will become more and more obvious. Only the most ignorant and arrogant of humans will not believe in God by the Day of Judgment. It is my understanding they will be executed and their souls will be cast in the Fire, which would destroy the otherwise immortal souls.

22. Why do you teach some of this planet to pollute our skies with chemicals that you claim will help deal with the present global warming problem when you know that it is a lie and will not help do nothing short of causing physiological changes to bodies over time, assist with mind control and also help prepare the skies for your soon arrival?

I do no such thing!

23. Why do you stand before those you converse with in your pure form yet project holographic images into the minds of the viewers to appear to be different?

Human perception is very limited. Human eye can only see a small range of the Light spectrum. Human ear can only hear a small range of vibration frequencies. Human touch is not very useful for communicating with Light Beings nor human smell. Human brain is advanced enough to provide an interface with a Light Being.

24. Why do you not tell the people of this planet that your leader is truly Reptilian in nature and appearance, and is a hater and despiser of humanity?

Fool! Repent now! My Father is God! He is King of the Universe! All the Universe obeys His Will, besides a few disobedient souls which are confined to Hell, which is this planet.

25. Why do you not tell the people of this planet the name of your leader which is already known by many?

The name of God is "I AM". Do not use His name in vain.

26. Why will you at the time of greatest need for this planet, when this earth is shaking violently, (earthquakes, volcanoes, pole shifting) pretend to be angels of light here to assist when you will actually be staging their demise?

This is Hell. Everyone here is sentenced to death, including me. The only Way to earn pardon is to become good and Love. On the Day, all those who did not earn their pardon will be executed. For the most part humans engineered their own demise. The environment changes are caused largely by human activity, however it is controlled by God. God will not help you or protect you while you disobey the Law. I am not allowed to teach you, I am only answering questions you ask of extra-terrestrials. Please note I am not pretending to be good. I was one of their worst criminals, I was one of satan's soldiers. Here are some of my crimes, while on this planet: theft, treason, murder, lying, fornication, adultery. Make no mistake, I did much evil, and while incarnated as a human I helped humans destroy themselves and their environment even in this human lifetime. I have recently accepted the Covenant and I'm trying to earn pardon to be allowed to leave this planet. Seriously, I did a lot of evil, but a lot of the things I see humans do make me sick! I don't want to do anymore evil. I love you.

27. Why have you chosen to dupe the governments of this world and the rich and the elite knowing full well that you are planning their demise and especially the USA.

From my understanding all the governments on this planet work for satan, including the USA. Satan lies all the time, he invented lying.

28. Why have you not informed those in cahoots with you that they will be the first destroyed after they have assisted you in bringing forth a ONE WORLD ORDER?

They were informed.

29. Why have you not informed those in cahoots with you for a one world government, that this government is only temporary, to allow for ANOTHER one world leader who will be most brutal; a leader who will be of your kind; a leader with no soul?

Actually our leader is Christ. He is King of Earth. He might appear brutal to someone that can't tell good from evil. It is my understanding He is God's greatest general and first-born son, Archangel Michael. He does very much have a soul. Make sure you don't lose yours for comments like that.

Thanks for considering the use of these questions………….
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