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Message Subject Questions FOR Aliens...............................
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4. What are you looking for when you experiment upon humanity?

REPLY: Aliens are looking for the missing ingredient they do not have that is only given to humans who are conceived in the womb (not human clones). This one ingredient is the one thing God placed in humanity to allow for one to continue true existence after physical death. The aliens and the fallen angels are condemned to death. Something as regular angels they had never experienced. After the rebellion and fall the fallen angels were not aware initialy that death was a reality in their lives. You can imagine the shock of the first fallen angel death. Without a way to retain all information gathered over millions of years. No way to retrieve information about events, anything heard, tasted, saw, or felt. All gone upone death with no way to remember it. This frightened them and they need to find a way to change this condition. They figured the best way would be to go to where the ingredient was found (humans) and aduct and experiment to determine how to gain this ingredient for themselves. It has never worked for them throught their cloning, or the hybrid program. The results have always been the same:

*********** NO SOUL ****************

They are presently DESPARATE in their attempts here on earth for soon every fallen angel and every alien wil be destroyed by God that is associated with planet earth (only). God destroys the infection one planet at a time. In all the knowledge God gave to Satan at his creation of him, how to create a soul was not a part of that knowledge. Satan seeks to find what he will never find. However in an attempt to save himself and all the other fallen angels and angels all over the Universe, Satan has no choice but to continue to try, to abduct to attempt to find the key of the soul. Sadly, he will never.

Thanks for reading...........
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