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Paranormal Phenomena Predictions for 2007

gerbil whisperer
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United States
01/10/2007 06:00 PM
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Paranormal Phenomena Predictions for 2007
Predictions for 2007
From Stephen Wagner,
Your Guide to Paranormal Phenomena.
[link to paranormal.about.com]

What readers foresee happening this year
THE READERS have spoken, and they have declared their predictions for 2007. These include what they see occurring in world events, US events, the fields of science and technology and miscellaneous topics.

Events both hopeful and catastrophic are foreseen, including an end to the war in Iraq, but new terrorist attacks; cures for diseases, but new plagues. In paranormal areas, they predict the capture of a live Bigfoot, UFO sightings and revelations, a Mothman reappearance, and ESP breakthroughs.

Quirkier predictions include self-washing cars and the popularity of skirts for men.

Here are the highlights:


• Massive daylight sightings of unknown flying crafts over big cities over the world. – mzenitram

• Artificial intelligence will improve; first real thinking robots will show up around the end of 2007.
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– DarkDragon7099

• Majority of US troops will leave the Middle East mid/late summer. – balaney

• Cuba will be replaced with a democracy. – Mudge91

• Aliens will make themselves known to the world. The first contact will occur at many different places at the same time; one event will occur in Northwestern Pennsylvania. – allinonetoo

• A little-known research company in Europe will discover the "switch" that is the prelude to cancer cell development. It will happen by accident. – poetthom1

• Countries using HAARP controls for the weather will lessen the force of unusual weather. – annek28

• Fidel Castro finally dies, and Raul Castro slightly lessens the death grip on Cuba. – MHaber2

• Remarkable breakthroughs will lead to permanent cures [of Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes and Crohns disease], though the actual cures will happen after 2007. – Mahanaman

• A huge tsunami will strike southern India late spring/early summer. A prominent world leader will have an assassination attempt linked to a terrorist group from Syria. – seer56

• Bin Ladin will be captured. – cacti333


• Argentina will invade the Falkland islands. Political reform in British politics. – green9832

• Mothman will visit New Delhi, months before the collapse of several structures, causing loss of life for many. – Michythekid

• Earthquake in Asia kills thousands. – DarkDragon7099

• Over 7,000 will die due to an epidemic in India resulting from a water source after a flood. – balaney

• The world will get tied up in a conflict with the fascist sect of the Muslim nations that will spread worldwide. It will start WWIII. – GHOSTRIDERJIMC

• An accidental nuclear explosion will occur in Iran. – Mudge91

• Major flooding will occur in California between January and March. – allinonetoo

• The African HIV epidemic will cross into the Middle East. It will be considered as a final "plague" of the Old Testament kind. – poetthom1

• U.N. - N. Korea war breaks out. – Danger2369

• War between Iran and Israel begins towards late summer. – Darthlos

• Israel and Iran exchange nuclear blows around the middle of the year sending the world and especially the Middle East region into turmoil. – Verv79

• Pope Benedict will die or be assassinated. – Computek

• Gas will hit $5.00 US per gallon by December of 2007. War in Iran is inevitable. The Iranian government lashes out at Israel and US forces. – Mahanaman

• There will be an attempt on the pope's life. Although he will survive, he will be unable to continue his duties. – Danny1129

• Flooding in India, and tens of thousands are affected by water-borne illnesses. – VelmaLu

• Global warming; worse we will do nothing about it. We will exceed 5,000 soldiers dead by the end of next year. – Heart

• Space disaster. – Ranjitm

• More huge icebergs breaking off in the Arctic and Antarctic, which will create hazardous conditions for ships. More volcanoes erupting, especially in the South Pacific, which in turn will create earthquakes of increasing magnitude. – helen62

• Political upheaval in Mexico. Some sort of space disaster. – Talaba

• Stephen Hawking dies. – Noreen W.

• Panama has an earthquake; what’s left is a string of Islands. – Corinna B.


• The war in Iraq is going to come to halt. – mzenitram

• Relations between US and Cuba improve. – the_wallflower

• Alternative energy will become a national mandate. The use of solar, wind and other resources will set the USA as a standardbearer worldwide. – poetthom1

• First woman president. – Danger2369

• Hillary Clinton will announce in January 2007 that she will run for President, and she will win. More people will vote in this presidential election than ever in American history. – Computek

• Barack Obama will become the front runner in the race for the presidency. He will over take Mrs. Clinton by mid-year. – thephilosopher54

• Control of the Senate flips to the GOP, due to one or more Blue Dog Democrats defecting.
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– MHaber2

• Osama Bin Laden will be found alive living in a country hostile to the U.S., most likely North Korea. After a standoff with the country, he will be brought to justice. – Danny1129

• A catastrophe is averted in the Mid-West thanks to the thinking of some "little people" who put their heads together and come up with a brilliant solution. – bastapasta

• President Bush will be impeached. – cacti333


• Look for super tornadoes to hurt many in the South and Northeast. – Michythekid

• Mt. Rushmore attacked. – the_wallflower

• Wildfires in the West will devour hundreds of thousands of acres, displace hundreds of families and kill at least 16. – balaney

• An illness within the Clinton clan. – Mudge91

• Weather anomalies and conditions will be the worst ever. Florida will see the return of the hurricanes, while the Mid West region will suffer numerous catastrophes. – poetthom1

• There will be a dirty bomb in Washington DC, and they will try to set one off on the west coast. – Rickrice

• Major reservoir is tainted leaving many sick/dead. – Danger2369

• The Bush Administration is planning to declare Marshall Law using the war in Iraq as an excuse. – Computek

• Former presidents Ford and Carter will pass into the spirit world. [This prediction was made on Dec. 14, before President Ford died.] Cheney will suffer another heart attack. – thephilosopher54

• A scandal involving the White House and some members of congress will in late April or early May. Simultaneous terrorist attacks will occur in two major cities, one mid-western and one in the eastern U.S., causing the stock markets to plummet. – seer13

• Bush will be investigated for his part in 911 disaster. – Maxwellscloset

• A major 7.0 or bigger earthquake will hit California in July or August. – Danny1129

• Extreme weather or earthquake in California. Volcano to erupt in Yellowstone. – soulgift

• Major airline crash in a large mid-west city. – VelmaLu

• Cases of malaria in southern US (Florida or Louisiana) spark public health panic. – Talaba

• Death of a former president under a cloud of suspicion has nation in a tailspin and puts conspiracy mongers into overdrive. – bastapasta

• An attempt on Bush's life by a grieving parent, will be unsuccessful. Gas prices will rise to $3.50 a gallon. – landar

• An 8.2 earthquake to hit Los Angeles sometimes in April after a 7.9 earthquake in March. – Aiven

• The water supply in Chicago will be attacked with poison to harm people in five states by terrorists. – hmg

• We will have a major depression within the next 24 months. – Reverend Raven
Anonymous Coward (OP)
User ID: 180054
United States
01/10/2007 06:02 PM
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Re: Paranormal Phenomena Predictions for 2007
Seeing how you can see into the future, am I going to win powerball tonight?
gerbil whisperer (OP)

User ID: 180054
United States
01/10/2007 06:05 PM
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Re: Paranormal Phenomena Predictions for 2007
No! sorry I'm winning tonight.... hope we split it..
Anonymous Coward (OP)
User ID: 180054
United States
01/10/2007 06:10 PM
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Re: Paranormal Phenomena Predictions for 2007
Also I want to make a bet on the San Diego/New England game, can you look into your crystal ball and tell me who is going to win

gerbil whisperer (OP)

User ID: 180054
United States
01/10/2007 06:20 PM
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Re: Paranormal Phenomena Predictions for 2007
San Diego! nice bus!
Anonymous Coward (OP)
User ID: 180054
United States
01/10/2007 06:22 PM
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Re: Paranormal Phenomena Predictions for 2007
You better be right or I'm going to come after you like a spider monkey