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The Great Awakening

Brother Ramses
User ID: 182119
01/14/2007 10:37 PM
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The Great Awakening
So there I was doing what I normally do on a sunday night which is to cruise the doom and gloom, 2012, illuminati, NWO with a stiff drink in my hand, and here I come across this article which basically says, don't worry, be happy, the power is in our hands.

so I asked in another thread which is probably already deleted, nuts? Deluded? What?

here's the article (excuse the vanilla formatting, the formatted article is here [link to www.michaelsharp.org]

The Great Awakening

What's the buzz, tell me what's a happenin...

Tarot Card The Calling (formerly Judgment)

Hi there. My name is Michael Sharp. If you don’t know who I am, I am an author and I write spiritual books that are enlightening, uplifting, and empowering. However, I am not here to talk about my books today. Instead, I want to put a buzz in your ear by talking about a “thing” that is currently getting underway on this earth and that will impact you (and everyone else on this planet) in some rather fundamental ways. Now, if you haven’t already heard about “the thing”, then let me be the first to tell you that this “thing” that is going down on this earth is a very big thing. Indeed, it is of cosmic proportions. In fact, when all is said and done, when “the thing” has rolled along its carefully choreographed course to completion, the world as we currently know it, i.e., the matrix as it is, i.e., the world of “negative inevitabilities” like greed, poverty, war, disease, death, and taxation, (a.k.a. the “old” world as I like to call it) will be gone * poof *, * puffed * away in a flash of consciousness’s light.

Nothing will be left. Not even a memory and, if you ask me, good riddance. I say, let the old world be transformed by the light of our shared divinity and let us all rejoice at the recaptured glory and magnificence of the power within.


I’m getting ahead of myself here.

Before we get into all the dancing, rejoicing, laughter, and happiness that is waiting for us after “the thing” is complete, we have to first get through “the thing”. Unfortunately, there is no other way around it. The bottom line is, to get to the rejoicing, you have to get through “the thing” first.

But relax.

Don’t worry.

There is nothing to be afraid of.

Although “the thing” that I’m going to discuss and that I’m hoping will have you buzzing by the end of this article is an awesome, grand, magical and meta-morph-ical thing, and although “the thing” will lead to the total transformation of the matrix as we currently know it, nevertheless “the thing” is not a dangerous thing at all. Despite what the propagandists and propheteering pundits have to say about it, “the thing” that I want to talk about, the thing that is currently getting underway on this earth, “the thing” that you are going to have to go through if you want to get to the “other side” where all the rejoicing is going to be, is nothing like the bang, bang, end-of-the-world, apocalyptic, holocaust, earth changes, 4-horsemen, Jeeeeezzzuuus come down to reward the virtuous and smash the brains of the heathen infidel against the hard rocks of reality kind of thing.

True, in as much as the old matrix is set to crumble into dust as a result of “the thing” in about six years, “the thing” that I’m talking about is a 2012 thing. But it is definitely not an “end of the world” thing. In fact, quite the opposite is true. The thing that is now underway on this planet and through which you will either walk freely and under your own steam or, as we continue to approach the 2012 marker, be (safely) dragged kicking and screaming through, is an amazing and wondrous thing that leads not to the end of anything but to a new beginning for everybody.

Not judgment and damnation.

Not hellfire and brimstone.

Not war and tribulation.

Not disease and desperation.

Not death and destruction but Eden, Shambhala, and “redemption.”

Believe me.

All the scary stuff you might have heard about “the thing” having to do with “God’s chosen,” “God’s wrath,” “evolutionary dead ends,” “ascendant species,” “retarded (i.e., random) natural selection,” “earth changes,” “Armageddon,” “four horseman” or any of the other variations of the “lots of little babies are going to have to die just so that me and my homies can get the goods and go to heaven is (and let me be perfectly clear so there’s no chance for misunderstanding), a pile of steaming, stinking, smelly, sulpherous, odiferous horseshit. This particular vision of reality (perhaps nightmare is a better word) is, at best, the overworked imagination of some underpaid and mentally tortured prophet, or, at worst, avoidable with effort and intent. That is, even if the “time lines” where set in stone (which they aren’t), we still have it within our power to mold the stone.

Which brings me to the point of this article and our discussion of “the thing” because all we have to do to avoid any possible bad things that are in our collective future timeline (and this includes bad things like Armageddon, cancer, war, disease, and death) is go through “the thing” which is, as I like to call it, The Great Awakening.

Awakening is “the thing” that I wanted to talk about today. Waking up is what will prevent all the nasty, negative timeline stuff from occurring.

Now I know the words “Great Awakening” sound all pompous and important and make “the thing” sound all huffy and difficult and challenging but it is not really. All the Great Awakening really amounts to is our complete and collective return to full spiritual consciousness on this planet.

No big deal really.

Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

In fact, just like waking up in the morning.

All you have to do is move from the state of limited “walking-zombie” consciousness,” that the psychologists of this planet like to call “normal,” to the full Christ consciousness state of awareness that is your birthright.

Now I know that the “gurus” and priests tell you it is hard, but ignore them.

Trust me.

It is not that difficult.

A little bit of effort, a little bit of spiritual practice, and whiz bang there you’ll be.

Waking up is a simple matter of choice.


All you have to do is will it.

Of course, it helps to have an alarm clock there to buzz the process into gear especially if you are not a morning person, and a guide can be helpful too if you are the kind of person that is tired, groggy, and disoriented after the long sleep, but besides somebody to provide the ignition buzz, and besides a little bit of help from a guide or two, you can pretty much do it on your own just like you do every morning. The only difference is that instead of moving from the five percent consciousness of night-time coma to the fifteen percent “normal” consciousness of your working day, now you are being buzzed up from the fifteen percent normal consciousness or your working day to the 50-60% consciousness of the (for lack of a better term) Christ level of the body.

Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Now of course there may be bumps in the process.

Reactions will vary.

Some of you, upon hearing “the buzz,” will snap into full wakefulness and begin the clean up and rejoicing right way. On the other hand others will hear “the buzz” but, out of fear or misconception or paranoia or some misplaced sense of your own cosmic inferiority, resist awakening. Really, there is a whole continuum of reactions, from positive and uplifting to extremely negative and destructive. The actual reaction you are inclined towards will depend largely on “the dream” you are waking up from. If you are in the middle of a negative dream (for example a dream of a vengeful and damning God slobbering over a global end-times massacre), there is a risk that you will react in fear and a) go back to sleep or b) “project” your bad dream onto the world.

Obviously, nobody wants that but thankfully, you can avoid all of the bad reactions by simply keeping your wits about you, staying focused, and following the following five “guidelines of awakening” that I am about to provide for you. If you follow these guidelines, while I can’t guarantee a totally worry free process free of negative projection, you will at least find within you the power to mitigate the worst manifested negativities and walk through the rest with grace, efficiency, and ascending glory.

So here we go. Here are Michael Sharp’s “five guidelines of awakening.”

First of all, trust. I can’t really overstate the importance of this one. It is critical especially for those catholic-types (like myself for example) who have been told so much nonsense (like for e.g. stuff about a lunatic, punishing “burn his own children in Satan fire for all eternity and chuck out the evolutionary chaff from the wheat” father figure) that we have become scared of our own spiritual shadow. If this is you (even you from a past life), you’ll have to get over the fear of God/Spirit and the best way to do that is to trust in the beneficence of creation.

Perhaps this will help.

If what you’ve heard about God doesn’t include a description of God as loving, inclusive, magnanimous, generous, beatific, blissful, and glorious child whose only desire for self is to have fun and play and only desire for you is eternal bliss and happiness, you’ve been lied to and sold a version of Spirit that is specifically designed to keep you shirking away from “the glory” of y/our Spirit in fear.

Forget about it and quit acting like a beat up puppy dog. The only thing that God/nature/the universe wants for you is what you want for yourself, i.e., prosperity, peace, and love. Put a new image of God/Spirit/Nature in your head (it is not as hard as you think) and trust the new image otherwise the yawning abyss of your own belief system will shut you down every time.

Second, remember you are not alone. Every individual soul who agreed to incarnate on this earth brought with them six or more spirit guides to help them out with the work on this earth. Now, contrary to popular opinion, these guides are not here to tell you what to do. Contrary to popular opinion, they are here to help and support, in a totally non-judgmental fashion, whatever positive things you choose to do. Of course, you can’t expect them to do evil or help you destroy the world, however if you choose to do anything else that is even remotely positive, life affirming, and divine, they’ll help you out.

Trust me on this. When you choose to awaken, they’ll be overjoyed and falling all over themselves to help. It is what they are here for so speak with them just like you would speak to a close (but invisible) little elf friend. Ask them for help and accept their loving assistance.

Third, set your intent. Will the awakening and keep willing it. Claw yourself back to full consciousness by staying focused on your goal. The truth is, you are waking up from a 12,000 year sleep of partial consciousness and even the best morning person would be groggy after a stint “in the darkness” like that. So keep repeating it until it sticks.

Say, “I wish to move forward.”

Say, “I wish to awaken.”

Say it to yourself, say it to your guides, heck say it to anybody within earshot if their weird looks don’t bother you, but definitely say it to yourself until you know you don’t have to say it anymore.

Fourth, ask for proof. Nobody expects you to just believe what I (or anybody else) has to say about awakening or consciousness or God or the nature of creation or anything for that matter. You are within your right to doubt so feel free to ask for proof or to “try things on for size.” Say to your invisible spirit guides “I want incontrovertible proof of your existence.”

And don’t settle for a little * wow * event here either.

You want big proof. You want something that even the skeptical (but open) mind of the trained scientist cannot deny. But once you ask, pay attention will you?

Look up synchronicity in your dictionary.

Sometimes spirit speaks in grossly blatant ways, sometimes subtly is the order of the day. Pay attention and trust what your senses are telling you about the deep meaning of the improbable events of spirit.

Fifth, remember you are in control at all time. If things get too freaky for you, if manifestation (i.e., life) starts getting a little too crazy, if you feel you are getting too much information too fast, if you need time to process and integrate, if the “wow” factor threatens to fry your over stimulated neo-cortex, just say so. Say “I need a break” or “I need time to integrate” or “I need help processing.” There is no shame in taking extra time. Remember, 12,000 years of living in this twisted dreamworld we call “normal” reality has messed us all up to one degree or another. Take your time shaking it off and don’t kick yourself over any backsliding or snoozing you may do. Remember, not everybody is a morning person and nobody is going to blame you or hate you or think any less of you if you decide to wait 'til the house has been tidied up a bit more before crawling out of bed. Of course, there is a point where you’ll have to wake up. Before too long, the buzzing will be too loud and sleep won’t be possible anymore. But you still got time so feel free to take it.

Now, that’s pretty much all there is to it. I know perhaps this doesn’t sound like much to you at this point and perhaps you wonder about how “awakening” can lead to the type of global transformation mentioned above, but don’t worry about it. If you set your intent to awaken and follow the simple directions outlined here, you’ll see for yourself soon enough. As you awaken you will, inevitably, come to see the full significance and import of The Great Awakening. As you awaken, you’ll understand where planetary transformation is coming from and why I can say with absolute confidence we will find a solution for all the world’s ills in this lifetime. I mean, consider the difference in capacity between a body asleep and a body even “normally” awake and you’ll get a sense of it. A sleeping body can’t accomplish anything, but a “normally” awake body can move mountains. Similarly, the difference between your normal waking consciousness and the highest levels possible (and to which you are now called to awaken) is like night and day. A normally awake body may not see solutions to poverty, war, suffering, and disease but a Christ conscious body can heal the world.

So get moving won’t you…

Quit standing around waiting for God or Jesus or your politicians or your scientists or your priests to save the world.

Wake up.

You have within you the power to alter history.

Wake up.

You have within you the power to save the world.

Listen to the buzzing.

Wake up.

Wake up.

Wake up.