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Air Purifier that Kills H5N1 Bird Flu (also cold & flu germs) Launched by British Scientists

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01/16/2007 09:35 PM
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Air Purifier that Kills H5N1 Bird Flu (also cold & flu germs) Launched by British Scientists
Never go outdoors again!!

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Air Purifier that Kills H5N1 Bird Flu Launched by British Scientists at Tri-Air Developments

LONDON-(Business Wire)-January 15, 2007 -

British scientists have developed an air purifier that kills colds and flu germs, including H5N1 bird flu, as well as MRSA and Anthrax. Unlike air filtration devices, the system simulates the production of fresh air to destroy airborne viruses and bacteria in minutes within private, work and public spaces.

With worldwide patents pending, the biotechnology unit uniquely combines three established decontamination technologies to overcome their inherent individual shortcomings: non-thermal plasma; ultraviolet catalysis; and 'open air factor'. This creates a fresh air environment that is lethal to viruses, including H5N1 - which, if a pandemic occurs, is forecast to cost $2 trillion of global GDP, with mortality of 70 million people (source: World Bank, 2006).

The purification unit has 99.9999 per cent effectiveness in killing an airborne surrogate test virus present in less that five minutes (ref: The UK HPA Centre for Emergency Preparedness and Response, Porton Down, June 2006). Inventors Tri-Air Developments believe this is 100 times more effective than current methods of decontamination.

The unit can be readily adapted for a range of domestic, commercial, medical and industrial applications. It can be incorporated within large ventilation systems for healthcare and for homeland security. Commercialisation advisors PricewaterhouseCoopers are now contacting USA and other global manufacturers to structure rights for production in 2007.

The unit creates an OAF which is rich in hydroxyl radicals, to destroy microbes including flu and cold viruses and bacteria, both in the air and on surface contact. Hydroxyl radicals are found naturally in abundance in outdoor fresh air, with high concentrations in forested mountain areas. When someone sneezes the particles of mucus ejected are full of viruses: the hydroxyl radicals from the unit condense onto these particles and rapidly destroy the viruses even in close human proximity.

The decontamination process occurs both within and outside the machine, to create a continual supply of hydroxyl radicals dispersed throughout the room, making it effective even without processing all of the air through the unit.

Tri-Air Developments was co-founded by the UK's Buildings Research Establishment, with technology transfer specialists Inventa Partners and microbiologists at Promanade Ltd.