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01/17/2007 01:12 PM
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17 January 2007

One day soon Planet X or Niburu will pass between the Sun and our Earth, and the whole mass of the rich elite in America will flee to their safety havens that they have built from the billions of dollars they got from the mass of "useless eaters" as Kissinger calls them who are not of his elite.

Well, destruction shall come upon the whole Earth, even upon America, eliminating millions of people. Then when Planet X or Niburu passes, these very rich elite will then come up to claim the whole of America as theirs, and any one of these useless eaters left alive will become their slaves, and they will rejoice how they have kept the mass of these useless eaters unprepared for what was coming to cause so many of them to die.

But all of a sudden a giant asteroid will be seen coming out of the cloud that surrounds Planet X or Niburu, so the rich elite will flee to their safety havens again, Revelation 6:12 to 17, and set themselves to party in their place of safety. But all of a sudden this asteroid hits off the east coast to cause the whole American plate to suddenly move to the west and in a moment, all of America goes down under the surface of the sea with only three mountaintops left above the surface of the sea as islands, and the top of the dome of the Capitol of the United States of America will be left above the surface of the sea with the American flag and another flag with the number 6-6-6 upon it. The safety havens of these rich elite have now become their tomb liken the pharaoh of old. Modern day Babylon has received her judgment from a righteous Almighty God Creator.

Then across the sea, a giant submarine with Prince Charles will arise out of the sea where it was his personal safety haven, and when this happens, the spirit of Satan will enter his unholy vessel of dishonour. So Prince Charles becomes the Anti-Christ son of perdition, the prince of this ungodly Earth for his appointed time as written in Revelation 9:11 and Revelation 13:1 to 5. This prince of the bottomless pit will now make this Earth to be liken Hell, Revelation 17:8. So all these evil people in America whose name is not written in the Lamb's Book of Life shall go down to the pit of Hell at His appointed time, Revelation 20:13. All these people to be judged are written in Ephesians 5:5 and in Revelation 21:8.

We do live in the most perverse generation of godless people who do not obey His holy Law, the Ten Commandments, as Law-breakers as written in I John 3:4. So broad is the path to Hell as written in Isaiah 5:13 to 16. Most of the 6 billion people of this Earth are upon it even in all the religions of this Earth, I have been given as a witness to warn the Earth for over 25 years with a simple message, for it's written of me in Malachi 4:4 to 6.

The sad thing is so few will hear what I have been given to speak or read what I have been given to write and give out, and that is to remember the Law of Moses, and to obey it, all Ten Commandments including the seventh Lord's Day of Rest, or as a Law-breaker, you're on that broad path to Hell already, Revelation 22:15.

So repent and follow Lord Jesus Who kept His Father's Law, the Ten Commandments including His sanctified and hallowed seventh Lord's Day of Rest. But if you say you love the Lord and do not obey His Commandments including the keeping of His Lord's seventh Lord's Day of Rest, then you are a liar in rebellion, and your reward is written in Revelation 21:8. If you disobey any of His Ten Commandments, then you are a sinner as written in I John 3:4, and also Matthew 5:17 to 19 and James 2:10.

God's Servant Prophet,


Elijah the Tishbite
PO Box 53702, Main Post Office - Gladstone Street
Limassol, CYPRUS 3317 Phone and fax: 357.25.585819

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