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Fresh Doom January 24

Skeptical Coward
User ID: 160123
United States
01/23/2007 11:44 AM
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Fresh Doom January 24
Here's some fresh doom: we've got a date, but no specific event. Only an ominous warning to "get ready." Plus, the date of the doom is TOMORROW (Jan. 24) because Jan. 23 is the last day for preparation. For whatever it is. So we can come back in no more than 36 hours and declare this one debunked. I wish we could post these with an graphic ticking clock showing how much time we have left before the doom. Here it is, for your discernment:
My wife awakened this last Friday, Jan. 19th and received the words audibly,
"You have
5 days to ready."

The speaker did not identify themself. When she told me about an hour later, I
went to your website and the first message I read referred to receiving God's
messages and being willing to proclaim them.

I told my wife this and later in the day after mass and communion we were
visiting a restaurant with whom we do business when my wife mentioned to the
bookkeeper the message she had received. At whichtime the woman next to her
said, "Now that you've had the courage to tell your story, I will tell you that
my sister called me this morning and told me she had received the same message

We contacted some friends who are heavily into discernment and they confirmed it
through scriptural references.

Then this morning(Monday) my wife speaking to a neighbor(to our knowledge the
family is Lutheran, but not practicing) and when my wife told this friend about
the message, she said that her husband had been told this same message by 2
others who had received it. That would make Tuesday Jan. 23 the last day to

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 160399
United States
01/23/2007 11:46 AM
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Re: Fresh Doom January 24