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Message Subject I will never buy a desktop computer again: Laptops now Rule!
Poster Handle Caligulas
Post Content
My desktop computer:(total price 800 lions=275 $)
Asrock motherboard with 2 PCI
AMD 1.83 GHZ Athlon XP
1 GB ddRam
160 GB Western Digital harddisk (Maxtor sucks)
Geforce FX 5200 128 Mb Ram
Silicon Graphics display 20 inch made in 1997
Web cam,dvd -writer LG, floppy, TV tuner

And this machine is a new one,I bought it on pieces second-hand in september ,because my girlfried needed a computer (the first..) and I made out of my old one:Athlon 1 Ghz with 512 SDRAM and 40 GB WD HD + 300 lions (125 $) for video card ,boxes ,floppy ,case ,etc

The previous machine was perfect for rulling the world! 5a
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