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Is 2012 A Key Date For Vatican-Led NWO Takeover?

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01/30/2007 02:14 AM
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Is 2012 A Key Date For Vatican-Led NWO Takeover?
Is 2012 A Key Date For Vatican-Led NWO Takeover
Jesuits and Vatican are preparing. Are you?
29 Jan 2007

By Greg Szymanski

A number of patriots and others concerned about the eventual takeover of the New World Order have pinpointed 2012 as a year to mark on your calendar as the end of freedom as we know it or the beginning of the age of love which will last for 1,000 years.

Remember, the 5000 Year Mayan Calendar ends on DEC 22, 2012 AD. Ancient Mayans claim this calendar was given to them by the god, QUEZECOATAL, The Feathered Serpent, according to researchers who also fear 2012 may trigger mass panic, chaos and anarchy on a worldwide scale due to magnanimous planetary interruptions.

But instead of following demonic spirits and the spirit of doom fostered by Hollywood movies like Armageddon, according to several spiritual researchers the year 2012 is a remarkable date in God's calendar, marking the beginning of something wonderfully new and exciting.

Although the Jesuit Order is filled with double talk and their words must be viewed with concern and contempt, it is interesting to see how they are preparing for the year 2012.

Wirth that in mind, here are the inside documents from official conferences held by the Jesuits and how they are targeting the America for 2012. It should be noted that they appear quite organized and quite certain a NWO is on the horizon, a one world order quite different from the present. Will it be good? Will it be bad? Most insiders know the real answer to that question. But the real question, though, is how are you preparing for 2012 and can you stop the evil Jesuits and their U.S. government minions from their eventual goal of complete fascism in America?

Here are the words from the Jesuit Conferences which should be read with an eye of duplicity and deception?







MARCH 14, 2005


This document is a work-in-progress. It represents the

current best judgment of the Jesuit Conference Board

concerning directions toward which the Society of

Jesus in the United States ought to be moving through

2012. The directions outlined here will require

significant development, refinement and testing before

the document takes final form. The Conference Board

invites Jesuits and apostolic partners to help further

its discernment and the development of this document

by engaging in reflection upon, conversation about and

response to the strategic directions proposed here.

Context and Mission of Strategic Discernment

Jesuits are called to be servants of Christ 's mission.

The service of U.S. Jesuits takes place in a context

that is shaped by important demographic, cultural,

social and religious issues in the United States, the

needs of the local and universal Church, and the

human, material and spiritual resources available to

the United States Assistancy.

In this context and in ways that explicitly respond to

this context, U.S. Jesuits serve Christ 's mission

through the service of faith that promotes justice,

evangelizes culture and fosters inter-religious

dialogue (GC 34, Decrees 2 - 5). They do so through

existing ministries, creative new ministries and by

attending to their responsibility for the

international mission of the whole Society.

Called to read and respond to the signs of the times,

Jesuits in the United States engage in an ongoing

process of learning, discerning and responding,

employing resources found not only within the Society,

but those of their partners in ministry and of other

organizations of good will, both religious and



As the Society of Jesus in the United States surveys

its current context and strives to read the signs of

the times and the call of the Spirit as it moves

forward in the service of Christ 's mission, a set of

issues emerge that shape the learning, discernment and

response of the Assistancy: In asking the questions

"What are the apostolic needs of the people of God in

this time and this context, and how is the Society of

Jesus in the United States called to respond? " the

Assistancy is challenged to:

1) Develop and employ effective ways of learning about

and assessing the needs of the Church and civil


2) Articulate a projection of the Society of Jesus in

the United States, its resources and personnel through

the next decade;

3) Assess honestly current ministerial commitments and

develop a realistic and specific plan for future

involvement of Jesuits in those ministries;

4) Set priorities for new ministerial directions and

apostolic works based on the needs of the Church and

social realities;

5) Develop means to build and sustain capacity for

effective apostolic collaboration with lay colleagues;

6) Organize governance structures that match our

reality, support cura personalis and strengthen

coordinated national cura apostolica;

7) Foster local communities that are closely aligned

with and support the articulated mission, and that

serve as apostolic vehicles for our ministries;

8) Support sharing of our resources with the Society

throughout the world, especially in the education of

future leaders for developing provinces.

The mission of the Society of Jesus in the United States is done:

through ministries;

by Jesuits;

in partnership with others;

under governance structures that support and promote

the mission

Engaging the challenges set forth above helps to set

new strategic directions in each of these four areas.


Vision for 2012

Ministries in which Jesuits engage are grounded in the

one mission of the Society of Jesus and in criteria

clearly established in recent General Congregations.

Among others, these include education, pastoral

ministries, social ministries, the ministry of the

Spiritual Exercises, and communications. The focus of

these ministries is the service of faith through the

promotion of justice, the evangelization of cultures

and the fostering of inter- religious dialogue in the

context of and in response to social and cultural

realities and the needs of the Church in the United States. Ministries are distinguished by significant

synergy among them, an expanding cadre of partners,

and a growing visibility and influence in the culture.

In developing this vision for our strategic

discernment, we look especially to Part VII of the

Constitutions; Decree 2 of The Thirty-Fourth General

Congregation; and Guidelines for the Relationship

Between the Superior and the Director of the Work


Strategic Directions

By 2012, the Society of Jesus will have taken the

necessary steps to ensure that:

1) There are national criteria for setting priorities

for engagement in ministries, both existing and new.

2) There is a national structure for each apostolic

sector to support common vision and personnel

development in areas such as leadership, governance

and decision-making. (see Partnership)

3) Works are strongly networked and interdependent.

4) There is increasing collaboration with partners,

and there are deliberate efforts to expand the circle

of partners (See Partnership).

5) The Society of Jesus is connected to the ministries

via a variety of forms of relationship which are

clearly articulated and agreed upon.

6) Ministries creatively and strategically communicate

and promote the mission of the Society of Jesus and

its values to the society and culture at large.

Jesuit Life

Vision for 2012

Jesuits live and learn in ways that form and sustain

them for service of the mission of the universal body

of the Society, for which apostolic availability is a

foundation. Their lifestyle gives public witness to a

religious vocation that is fundamentally apostolic and

that continually seeks the greater honor and glory of

God through availability for mission. In developing

this vision, we look especially to The General Examen;

The Formation of Jesuits from the Letters of Fr.

Peter-Hans Kolvenbach, S.J (2003); Fr. Kolvenbach 's

Letter on Community Life; Fr. Fred Kammer 's Letter on

Community Life; and Decree 4 of the Thirty- Fourth

General Congregation.

Strategic Directions

By 2012, the Society of Jesus will have taken the

necessary steps to ensure that:

1) Vocation promotion is coordinated nationally

2) Jesuit formation is coordinated nationally and in

ways that honor and develop the distinctive vocation

to vowed religious life.

3) Jesuit formation and life include explicit

international dimensions that prepare and sustain

Jesuits in serving international needs.

4) Apostolic community life is guided by national

criteria that are regionally developed and adapted,

locally accountable, and for which provincials assume


5) The ongoing formation of Jesuits, that includes

collaborative experiences with lay and other religious

partners, is guided by national criteria that are

regionally developed and adapted, and locally

accountable. (see Partnership)

6) The engagement of aging Jesuits in ministry and the

care for their needs are guided by national criteria

that are regionally developed and adapted, and locally



Vision for 2012

Jesuits are engaged in a sustainable and intentional

commitment to lay apostolic partnership that

recognizes the distinctiveness of lay and Jesuit

vocations. Jesuits are formed for this partnership and

they are accountable for sustaining and promoting it.

In developing this vision, we look especially to

Decree 33 from the Thirty-First General Congregation;

Decrees 13 and 26 from the Thirty-Fourth General

Congregation; and Fr. General 's Omaha address at

Creighton University "Cooperating with Each Other in

Mission. "

Strategic Directions

By 2012, the Society of Jesus will have taken the

necessary steps to ensure that:

1) There is a strategy for nationally coordinated

formation for apostolic partners, grounded in the

Spiritual Exercises that has national standards,

specific outcomes and accountability (see Ministries &

Jesuit Life). Recognizing that there is a continuum of

partnering relationships, the strategy:

a. Involves a common commitment to identify and invite

key potential lay partners and Jesuits to participate

in formation opportunities;

b. Is nationally coordinated, regionally developed and

locally implemented;

c. Includes opportunities for formal study, mentoring,

spiritual direction and the Exercises, preparation for

life/ministry transitions, immersion experiences;

catechesis; and attaining qualifications for specific

ministries that are nationally recognized and


d. Is especially attentive to leadership and

trusteeship formation;

e. Receives appropriate and consistent funding.

2) The national structures for apostolic sectors

involve Jesuits and partners at all levels. (See



Vision for 2012

The structures of governance emerge from apostolic

need, and these structures further the mission by

supporting ministries, Jesuit life and partnerships.

Because of this, the vision for governance will be

further determined and articulated as the vision and

strategies for ministries, Jesuit life, and

partnership are developed. We will also look

especially to the Complementary Norms and The

Guidelines for Provincials (2003).

Strategic Directions

By 2012, the Society of Jesus will have taken the

necessary steps to ensure that:

1) No province exists in the form that it existed in

2005; specific criteria for province size and

geographical delineation have been developed and


2) Provincials have adopted appropriate structures for

collaboration with one another: to support and direct

the implementation of national strategies; to share

human and other resources to address needs in support

of the mission; and to respond to international


3) The moderator 's role has been strengthened to

support the moderator 's leadership of national

strategies implementation and greater

co-responsibility for the mission of the Society among

the members of the Jesuit Conference board.

4) Financial resources are coordinated nationally.

5) Local superiors receive sufficient training and

support for their role, and promote the implementation

of national strategies on the local level.

6) The Jesuit Conference board engages in ongoing

national strategic discernment.

Greg Szymanski

Greg also has his own daily show on the Republic Broadcasting Network, from 11:00am to 1:00pm central time, shortwave frequency 12.180. Listen on the internet at: www.rbnlive.com Greg Szymanski is an independent investigative journalist and his articles can been seen at www.LewisNews.com. He also writes for his own site www.arcticbeacon.com

Listen to my Radio Broadcast live Monday night at 8pm Pacific time on LewisNews, returning Jan. 1 2006 Radio [link to webs.lewisnews.com]
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United States
02/01/2007 02:37 AM
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Re: Is 2012 A Key Date For Vatican-Led NWO Takeover?
Anonymous Coward
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United Kingdom
02/01/2007 02:42 AM
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Re: Is 2012 A Key Date For Vatican-Led NWO Takeover?
wanna give the short version

i think 1000 yrs of love sounds better imo