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This video is all fanciful spin and speculation by those who mistakenly think they have deeper insight that anyone else. Now, if you want to accept uncritically someone's understanding of all these subjects, then swallow the contents of this video. If, however, you want to develop your own understanding, then take such ready-made video presentations with a pinch of salt and do your OWN research. There is enough myth and misinformation out there. Be wary of New Age speculations and personal beliefs masquerading as truth and historical fact. Remember: it's just THEIR spin. Not necessarily the truth.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 178458

12 around 1.
This video is not fanciful spin. I am not speculating anything in this film. It is not a "new age" film. Do you even know what new age is? I do have a deeper insight into life than most. Get over it. I made this film. As I said before it's not finished, it is a sample film, there is a lot more TO BE EXPLAINED, do you remember those words "evidence" and "truth". I am not asking anyone to believe what's in this video. I have said many times I am more than happy to share information on this forum. It makes NO DIFFERENCE TO ME, what does that tell you, I am not going to spell it out.If you can't recognise a gift horse in the mouth then more fool you. I have touched on some very sensitive subjects in the film haven't I MR ANONYMOUS? What do you know about the true history of the planet? Why do you think I would spin this on everyone, what's in it for me? Much of the kowledge in this video has been covered up by major secret societies. Haven't they Mr. Anonymous?
O.K. here's an example. King Harold 1066. Everyone knows the "true" story of King harold and how he got an arrow in the eye right? Wrong. I will tell you now with no evidence to back up what I am saying that King Harold was murderd by the NWO. I know where he is buried, I know where his brothers are buried. I know that he didn't get shot in the eye. I know a completely different story to what anyone else knows. A multi million pound exhibition has just been built in Hastings telling a false story of king Harold. There is a whole "new" story. And guess what I am the only one that knows. I don't care if you don't believe me, not one bit. I tell you what I'll make a documentary about it and I won't show it until it's finished. Hows that for truth?

I am not here for me, my ego, I spent 7hours converting and uploading this video til 7am in the morning. This video is for people looking for the truth, it will help connect the dots for many people, especially when it's finished. Anyone attacking this video from now on with an annonymous name will be ignored. It has begun. 12 around 1.
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