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Message Subject so i tried to have a discussion with a friend of mine about aliens, reincarnation, spirituality, illuminati, etc. and....
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but the evidence is all there! all she said was "well they are just someone else's opinions, how can you believe anything anyone says."


the past year or two of my life i have been soaking in all the knowledge i can get my hands on about everything, from ancient civilizations and their myths, to aliens, to illuminati, spiritual ascension, awareness, trance states, time travel, modern physics, just anything and everything.

i see the big picture, a rather large picture it is too! i see the connections behind everything i have read. EVERYTHING is connected in someway! and that is what amazes me the most and got me to break out of the shell.

maybe it is just too much for them to handle? i did put a lot of things out there at once which probably overwhelmed her programmed 'logical' thinking.
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