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Message Subject so i tried to have a discussion with a friend of mine about aliens, reincarnation, spirituality, illuminati, etc. and....
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Haha. I am even luckier than I ever imagined.

The first date I had with my fiancee years ago was a play. After the play we decided to get some dinner.

I was sitting in her car and out of the blue she states that she may be being bugged by the FBI.

I laugh and she laughs and then she says seriously.

She asked, "Does that seem weird?" I said why?

She starts on this 9/11 conversation. Man. I knew right then that she and I had MUCH MORE in common than any other woman I had met in person ever.

I told her repeatedly, "yeah, me too", on what I believed.

It has been over two years and we still have the same mindset for politics and UFOs and everything else on GLP.

She did not know I was into researching and having an open mind to investigate. She does not just label and then move on. She gives every idea a fair shake and then makes her decision.

If anyone EVER calls you a conspiracy nut then ask them who killed Kennedy. If they say ANYTHING other than a lone Oswald then THEY TOO are conspiracy nuts.
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