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Annunaki shall be defeated by the power of the 7 Great Dragons

Lucian Ilea
User ID: 192777
02/08/2007 06:00 AM
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Annunaki shall be defeated by the power of the 7 Great Dragons
(only an ice dragon may do this,the others will die frozen in the ice desert)

Fly,Fly north ;remember the ice fiord ,remember the plunge upon the helpless victim and your ice breath turning it into frozen meat
Reach the Ice Dragon house and fly beyond it;Yes,fly north ,fly north into the lifeless ice desert which may be seen like a death sign all in front of your eyes.Dont lose your heading:head straight north ,to the North Pole

Keep the ice into your soul,think about your frozen breath and hurry up:soon you'll be an ice statue too.
Deep,when you think you're nearly dead,you shall see a mirage: a great hole in front of you,covered with lush green trees ,descending into the Abyss
There,on the caves deep into this road to shamballa, lies the house of the Master of Magic,3 times more powerfull than you,than my father ,a white dragon: The Blue Dragon,which lives for only 1000 years but can create anything out of magic

Bring him back,bring him back to the other 6 dragons:
The White dragon ,which lies beyond the ice fiord
The Black dragon,whose house is in the Carpathians Mountains in Romania
The Red Dragon,who lives in the deserts of Afghanistan
The Golden Dragon ,the master of China and Tibet
The Green Dragon,keeper of Mayans treasures in the lush jungles
and the Gray Dragon ,which dwells in the swamps of Africa

Full circle...the 7 dragons ,by their collective powers shall stop any invasion of Earth,including the Reptilians and the Annunaki
And their reign upon Earth shall know no end,as the Great Arcanum of Baidar-Ad-Dul says.