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Message Subject Calling LIGHTWORKERS! A Meeting Place !
Poster Handle Ahim-sa
Post Content
Is there a weird energy in the air folks? This morning thunderstorms...I love em and we're supposed to be getting more soon, but I think it's more than just being ultra sensitive to the weather...
Anybody else?hiding
 Quoting: an observer 2179644

Strange you should say such a thing :grasshopper:, er weed hopper, ohrr whatever.


So anyhow, you are correct. Palpable, to tell the least this feeling currently is yes yes


High strangeness comes closest could we not say no know me mate? ..... Er, fellow Traveler, uh yeah...... I meant to say. . . . ;;


I digress but stay tuned....

Kindly step away from the tumult for a moment and see what I been seein for 9+ months now...........

[link to superiorpublib.wordpress.com]

The sonn er, sun as a fatter of mackt heh heh .....[cough] did actually came up dead center & spot on dire rectly over the e in the title above the picture......ya know, this here one..... the Superior vista of my very own pet mountain, er, uh, me own private Idaho, er, I dunno.....what do YOU think now that yew awl can see for yourselves.


Sew what!

You astute readers of this thread, you seeing the whole picture here?

Take it from Th4e Luckiest Man Alive, I am humbled by the majesty of

It All.

What kind of life am I leading anyway? Glad to know I'm not alone round, er uh.,


eye ment to say naround the square, uhhhh, wel those words will have to suffice for now......

Expcept the most im port ant one of all,


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