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Message Subject Calling LIGHTWORKERS! A Meeting Place !
Poster Handle Ra
Post Content
As the worldly work selfishly and in bondage to worldliness, so does the Master of Life work unselfishly for the good of mankind. He is inspired by the highest ideals of man. He knows that hatred and cruelty, lust and desire for possessions have their roots in the lower natures of men, in the beast within them. These things the Master learned long ago. Searching their hearts with wisdom they found a stirring response to something greater and discovered the bond of union between man and the spirit. When the Master of Life knows his true nature and understands the unity of contact, he is freed from all delusion and sorrow, he rises to something greater above.

Self-control and harmony form the first step towards becoming a master of life. Harmony meaning tranquillity within and harmonious relationships without. Selfcontrol means self-control in all things. Even an artist must exercise self-control when creating, the tradesman must control his sharp tools and the physicain his knife. Everthing man does requires self-control in one form or another.

The Master of Life has to do more than this, he has to transform his whole life into a creative act, self-control and creativity going hand in hand. Only self-control of itself is not enough, it must be subordinated to goodwill and loving kindness.

The Master of Life must be conscious of his true nature. He must develop the threefold power: selfcontrol, creativity and effort within himself, and reach out for the threefold unattainables beyond: love, perfection, and Truth.


[link to www.culdiantrust.org]
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